Monday, 19 June 2017

Baking Goddess - kind of - actually not really

So the thing is.. I'm actually quite good at cooking. Give me some tomatoes and a ladle and I'm all good. Baking on the other hand has never been my strong point. But I just wanna be like Mary Berry. I wanna be a baking whizz and everyone to go, "Oh yeah, Lavinia's amazing at baking". 

So when I saw this video on youtube, I thought, "right. This is my time to make something amazing and everyone will be so impressed. It looks easy enough." 

It looks easy enough. Famous last words. 

This is what happened...

No electric whisk. That's ok, I'll just do it by hand. I didn't realise how long it would take and how dead my arm would be after. 

I then got some in my hair. No idea how seeing as I'm not using an electric whisk. This was doomed from the start, wasn't it?!

Looks a bit lumpy. I'm sure it'll be fine. Maybe it's cos I thought I had almond flour, but I didn't. I had ground almonds. So I just stuck that in instead.

Why does my red part look so brown?! Maybe it's cos of the ground almonds. Maybe it's cos the food colouring was a weird colour.

This bit was cool.. I felt like Mary herself.

But it looks a bit weird... A little bit like poop.

It seems all my hard work has failed.... Why are the cookies one colour?! Where did the brown/red parts go?!?!

I stuck some strawberry jam in the middle and the creamcheese on the outside.. Except I ran out of icing sugar so I had to use granulated.. So the creamcheese section was a bit, erm, crunchy. Oops.

I then whacked the other half on top. Look how picturesque! Or... maybe just a good angle?

And here they are!! Nothing like what the buzzfeed video said they would, but they're somewhat edible.

Here's Jonno testing them...

Oh. Oh dear. It seems that it was the crunchy cream cheese that put him off. 
I'll stick to cooking then!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Think it's too late?!

You feel unmotivated because you think it's too late to do something?! You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to if you work hard enough. Watch this.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Pride comes before a fall...

You know that saying "pride comes before a fall"? This morning I thought I was all #wifegoals, because I had three hobs on the go - one making my porridge, and the other two making vegetable stirfry and quinoa. Yep, you got that, QUINOA for my lunch for the next week. So middle class. So on top of things.

I was being all proud and thinking all how great I was at this cooking malarkey. Next thing I knew I could smell something not very appetising. What was that smell?! Where was it coming from?! 

You got it.. I'd burnt the bottom of my porridge. 

Not as on top of things as I'd have hoped! 😂 

Thursday, 4 May 2017


Note to self: remember that whilst you might think the film "in her shoes" may be a fun light hearted chick flick, but actually it will have you blubbering by yourself on your own, while you're supposed to be packing the house up to move. 

Not a good move 😉😌

Saturday, 25 March 2017

We Live in Such a Weird World!

This morning as I was getting ready to go out, I watched last night's Red Nose Day (literally only to watch red nose day actually - the charity remake of love actually).

One of the stories they showed was of a mother who had to leave her 3 children under 10 at home all day so she could search a landfill site all day, in the boiling sun, and at the end of the day only have earnt as little as 25p.

And now, only hours later, I'm sitting on a train behind a girl who literally took 20 minutes to pick out and edit an instagram photo.

Like I don't wanna judge or belittle the girl; she's just a product of the society she's grown up in. But I just thought it was SO scary to me how much it's such a horrific contrast in lives and priorities.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Trusting IN the moment.

So many times there's been a bad situation in my life, and I've cried about it. I've worried about it. I've tried to sort it by myself.

And then I've found that It's only when I come out of the situation that I realise God was so present and he was there the whole time moving all the pieces at the right time to make an incredible story. And then, when I realise, I'm annoyed at myself that I didn't trust God when I was right there in the moment.

So that's what I'm trying to do now.

After Jon and I finished university in June, we felt that God was telling us to stay in the city we were in. It felt right, so we did. But then stuff started going wrong;  and in short the past 12 months have had some of the worst moment of my life, bringing out breakdowns and panic attacks that I've never experienced before. I was so confused I didn't know why this was happening. Weren't we obedient?! Weren't we faithful?!

A lot of the time we just felt stuck. Especially as we were both spending our days in jobs that were not ones we wanted to be in. We felt hopeless.

This was until last week when Jon was offered the job of his dreams in a city about an hour and a half away. Things were looking up, and we've started to get excited about it - especially as they've asked him to start as soon as possible!

But. We're not quite there yet.. We're still waiting to find a flat. We're still waiting for me to get a job there. There's still a lot we need to get done and do. But this time we're going to trust IN the moment, like we should have all this time.

I'll keep you updated!!

Monday, 27 February 2017

Just Wishin'

At the moment Jon and I are saving up to move to another city, and all the fun stuff that goes with that, so obviously all our spare money is going straiiiiiiight into our savings account! So that just leaves me to go on websites window shopping all into all sorts of different stuff that I'm gunna have to wait for. Such a hard life eh?!

Here they are:
  1.  A few weeks ago I got a fitbit, and whilst I love it, it's not the daintiest. I looked different straps on amazon and found THIS beeeeeeautiful rose-gold one.
  2. My bag at the moment is a teeeeny tiny sparkly back pack, which is useful for most days, except on a day when I'm at work because it's so small my lunch doesn't fit in it! This bag would be great because not only is it simple, but it's mahusive! Great for big lunches! 
  3. This one, quite simply, was on our Jon and I's wedding list for our bedside tables, and as a result we were only bought one! Haha! We just need the other one to match!
  4. I have a big pink fluffy dressing gown that I love. But I saw this one, which is made out of towel material. Just think, getting out if the shower and wrapping up in a dressing gown shaped towel?!?! YES PLEASE!
  5. I saw this on a friend's fridge. It's magnetic and a whiteboard and you can write on it the meals you've planned to have in the week, and your shopping list and I think it's great!
  6. At the moment I epilate all my unwanted hair, which is ok but is sooo not good for ingrown hairs! They're all over my legs! Could an IPL hair remover thing-ma-bob be the answer?! I don't know because it's expensive. But I'd LOVE to try it one day! 
  7. I know this is boring, but a stainless steel dish drying rack seems ideal. We have a purple plastic one at the moment and it gets grubby so quickly! Ahh adult life! 
  8. I have ALWAYS wanted a big professional camera. And now I'm making youtube videos regularly, I have double reasons for wanting a good quality camera. 
  9. A big chested lady can never have too many decent bras, and all mine are so old they're missshapen (attractive!). 2 basic t-shirt bras would be great. 
And that's it. Maybe once we've moved and saved I can go on a massive shopping spree and get all these. Or maybe I'll just keep wishin.