Thursday, 14 December 2017

Christmas Stuff

I love Christmas. I mean, who doesn't?! Who doesn't love the cheesy Christmas films and the cinnamon and the classic songs you blare out and sing to from the top of your lungs?! I love how Christmas unites everyone together. 

We've got our decorations up. We've got mulled wine and mince pies. We've got the majority of our presents bought.

But there are many things I still need to do with regards to Christmas tasks.

These include:

  • Buying presents for our niece and nephew - we have no idea!
  • Writing Christmas cards - blerghhhhh is there much point?! Aren't they just going to be thrown away in a few weeks?!
  • Wrapping up the presents we do have - now this I'm looking forward to do whilst watching a Christmas movie.
  • Working out when we're going to be able to meet up with family - with Jon being a pastor and so working on Christmas day, and me working in retail so working allll the dayssss around Christmas - we're finding that quite difficult.

So. Whilst I try to tackle that Christmas to do list, I have so much to be thankful for today. It's my day off, it's Christmas, and today is the youth team's Christmas meal, and I am very excited about that! CHRISTMASSSSS ALL DAYYYYY!!

Thursday, 7 December 2017


Today I had an interview for a job role I thought would be perfect for me. It not only would mean working with children - which I love, but it would mean getting out of the job I'm in at the moment which I reeeeaaaallllyyy hate. Like I mean crying before a shift hate. For me the new job role would mean no more working silly hours. It would mean no more achy legs from standing in the same place all day. It would mean no more not caring about selling over priced clothes. It would mean a consistent schedule. It would mean being able to see my Mum and brothers more, who I miss so much. It would mean 2 actual consecutive days off in a week. 

I bet you can feel from the way I worded the last paragraph that I didn't get the job. 

I'm not going to lie to you - I just feel so disheartened and disappointed. I wanted SO much to get this job and start a new chapter in my life. This was my ticket out of the job I hate. This was me starting on the path to the job I actually want to do. 

But God had different plans. 

I got a text from my Mum which said, "If God closes a door it's better than being in the wrong place", which I KNOW is true, and if I'm being honest with you, I knew this wasn't the place for me. As soon as I came out of the interview, I said to Jon "I don't think I've got it." 

I was just hopeful that it would bring me out of the place I'm in at the moment. 

I feel empty and sad, but I know I know I know that the best is yet to come because I trust that my God has amazing things in store for me - whether it's getting the same job role but in a different place, or not. He is sovereign over everything and yes, I feel sad and disappointed, but I would never want to miss out on the great things God has in store for me because I think I know best by being in the wrong place! 

Matthew 6:33 (NLT): Seek Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.  

Not want, but need.


Thursday, 16 November 2017

Exploring and Catching Up

This Sunday I decided to meet up with some dear friends I hadn't seen in literally 9 months. Like I could have made and grown a baby in the time I haven't seen them, which to me is crazy. 

It started with the trains being cancelled and I had to get a bus, which may sound easy to some, but I get all anxious and panicky when it comes to trains (why, I have no idea), so the day started with me calling Jon and crying down the phone. 

I then got my s*** together, asked a train man for help (he wasn't really that helpful, and he was also grumpy which really didn't make the situation any easier for me. Thanks stupid train man), and I got onto the bus and on my way. 

I met up with my friends and we decided to go to a board game cafe for lunch - I KNOW!! There were so many board games we had no idea where to start! We ended up opting for a game where you balance things on a pirate ship. 

Then, we went for a walk and explored the city a bit more. When we felt peckish we went for a cream tea. I had mine with a lavender tea - oooh how posh! 

Then we went punting. I'm a very panicky person and this was a very wobbly boat!! We were so close to the water! It was so lovely and relaxing though! 

And to finish off we went to a Moroccon tapas restaurant which was incredibly decorated and looked so hippiesh. I'm such a hippy at heart! It was so lovely.

SO in all, I had such a good day, and cathing up with old friends is the BEST. 

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Hitting the Right Spot

So it was a Monday. I'd had a crazy busy weekend with working on the Saturday and then travelling to another city to catch up with old friends on the Sunday. 

I'd spent the Monday morning cleaning up our little flat and making me feel like I could be relaxed and breathe again, before going back to work at 12. 

When I came back home it was 9pm and you know when there's nothing in the fridge because you need to do the weekly shop and you just want to eat what you fancy? 

Yeah, me too.

I ended up coming home, firstly taking my skinny jeans off (because who doesn't want to do that the minute they step through the door?!) and making myself a feast which consisted of: hummus, toasted pitta, breaded cod, a boiled egg, dried fruit and it was washed down with a white wine whilst I caught up with the Strictly Come Dancing final. 

It was weird, but you know what?! It hit the right spot and I went to bed a happy lady. Sorted.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Finding the good

Last week I had a week of work as it was my birthday. I hung out with friends, ate a lot of good food and laughed a lot. So this is week, as I'm back in the job I hate I'm finding the days all the more difficult. To tackle this, change my way of thinking and try to live my best life, I'm actively trying to find little things in life to be thankful for. I'm trying to find the good in the bad. 

Here we go. 

Listening to Tori Kelly. I just forgot how much of a babe she is. I've been listening to her whilst washing up, and singing along at the top of my lungs. Her music is not only uplifting but it has such a great message. The song Confetti is the best. 

I'm also managing to keep on top of washing up 😱 this rarely happens, but somehow I'm dominating it at the moment and I'm loving it.

Just did our weekly shop and I'm LOVING having a fully stocked fridge.

We've also finally got bookshelves!!!!! You might \remember me talking about how all our DVD's were in a pile on the floor in this post. Well, we got bookshelves and it's so nice to have a place to stick stuff! The flat looks so much bigger and cleaner now they're not stored in carrier bags in the corner. And whilst I mention it, we now have hooks so lots of photos are hanging up, annnnnnd I have a FULL LENGTH MIRROR. Glory be. 

So, I might hate where I spend 8 hours of my day five days a week, but I've got a lot to be grateful for that has happened just this week. So much to be grateful for. Even that I have a job that means I can buy things like bookshelves and albums and food to stock my fridge with. 


Monday, 7 August 2017

I was a bridesmaid!

I included the picture of me and Rosie walking down the aisle, because in my memory I was a blubbering mess. But actually this picture tells me I didn't look as much of a mess as I was feeling!!

So. In January I was a bridesmaid for my roommate at uni. It was a fun day and I cried lots.

Highlights include:
  • Seeing her in her dress and crying because "she looks like a bride"
  • Drinking a little too much and not taking the cèilidh dancing seriously at all. Like I think we annoyed some people we were being so stupid 😂
  • Laughing so much I cried
  • Catching up with people I hadn't seen in a while
  • Eating cheese and crackers
Non-highlights incude:
  • Paying £11 for a double vodka and coke. £11!!!! Literally robbed. 

Saturday, 5 August 2017


So. As of two days ago I am 23!! I feel like 23 means I'm more of an adult than when I was 22 because it's closer to 25. Is that weird? I feel like it's weird, but also I feel like it makes a lot of sense in my head haha!

So for a bullet point quick rundown of the actual day:

  • Jon brought me a coffee in bed, and made me a fried egg bagel for breakfast. He knows my hearts desires ;)
  • We then took part in the kids holiday club at church from 10-12 as we have been helping out at holiday club this week. 
  • After kids club, Jon had to finish some work, so I came home and had some time to myself.
  • We had pancakes for lunch. WIN.
  • We hung out with our friends Joe and Jess, and they had gotten me a birthday cake with candles that I could blow out. I haven't had a cake with candles I could blow out candles for like 4 years. 
  • I got given a tiara that I had to wear all day. OKAY!
  • We went to the pub for our weekly pub quiz, and ate some food. I had a cheese tart and sweet potato fries. Heavenly.
  • We went back to Joe and Jess' where they had made me a cheeseboard with crackers and red wine. They know me so well!! 
  • And so I finished off my day eating waaaaay too many cheese and biscuits, and watching the new Beauty and the Beast movie, which I LOVED. 

And that was it. Simple, but I spent time with friends and I laughed. What more could a girl want?!

And so here are the resolutions I want to make for the next year of my life:

  1. I know this was the resolution on my 'I turned 22' post, but reading more really is something I want to try to do!!
  2. Learn to drive. So. When I turn 24, I would love to be able to drive! 
  3. Do three things daily - 30 mins of piano practice, some sort of stretching and spend some time with Jesus reading the bible. I've always wanted to do these three things daily, but this year I would like to be proactive about it, and not put it off!! 
And that's it!!

Here's to the best year of my life so far!!