Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Never let it be said that I don't enjoy a good BBQ. Because I do.  I love them. BBQ's and picnics are both my favourite kinds of meals. I just love the variety in both.
People always seem to think that because I'm a vegetarian that I'm not going to enjoy a darn good barbecue. Well they're wrong. We vegetarians know how how to eat good non dead food! Glad I got that out of the way...

I went on a family bbq the other day.

We went to one of the local country parks. We went for a walk beforehand, and then the boys played in the play area whilst Mum and I had a tea. I ate my weight in food, and had a lot of fun. It's nice sometimes to have quality time with the famalamalamalamalamalam.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Currently listening to

The first five songs on my playlist:
Be Alright (acoustic version) - Justin Bieber
I love this one. I love the melody line of the piano running throughout, and the licks he does. He's so talented.

Can't break Thru - Busted
Aaaah Busted. I was a big lover of Busted when they were at their height. I remember when I was 11, hearing they'd split up on the radio, I bawled my eyes out. I think I just love this one for the nostalgic feelings I get when I listen to it.

Suspicious Minds - Elvis
Elvis. Just listen to that voice. He could have sang the Twinkle Twinkle and it would have sounded amazing. His tone is just wow. Can never beat an Elvis song.

End Of Time - Beyoncé
Beyoncé is just flawless in everything she does. She just oozes class and talent. Also, I love trying to sing along to the super fast lines in this song. (It's the little things, right?!)

Gang of Rhythm - Walk Off The Earth
I think this is one of my favourite songs WOTE have done. I couldn't stop watching the video when it was first released. If you don't know of WOTE, then definitely check them out on the YouTubes. They are a really creative, talented bunch, and they're always striving for originality. They recently created a percussion instrument out of, wait for it, pringle tubes. True story. Check them out!

Friday, 16 August 2013

A day on the field

Uh oh! You know when you're thinking back on a day, and you think, "what have I eaten?!" And then you realise you've been so busy, you've only had a sandwich for your sustenance that day?
...yeah, that just happened.

So today, myself and the younger brothers went and spent the day with our Dad. He lives about 30 minutes from us, and works a lot, so we don't get too see him as much as we'd like. But when we do, we have a partaaaaaaaay! (By party I mean we watch Total Wipeout, and eat pizza. Same difference, right?!)

Today, after watching Total Wipeout, which I love oh so much, Dad decided it'd be fun to go on a walk. Oh my goodness, the walk was beautiful! It was rolling hills, and swaying grass and breathtaking views. I had no idea that that kind of scenery could be at the back of an estate. 

It was lovely, and we worked up an appetite, ready for pizza and ice-cream!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Lots of stuff

I feel like I haven't blogged in ages! In reality I think it's been about a week, but so much has happened in this week, that it feels like a month!

I think the main thing that happened in this week was Ryan and Hannah had their wedding on the 6th, and the few days surrounding that were crayzeeee! Setting up, then packing away, no sleep, no food! It was so much fun though. Since then, we have all been sleeping, trying to get our energy back!

Yesterday was a stressful day. I have a broken iPhone. It works fine, other than the fact that it wont recognise any sim that's put into it, which means that it isn't very good as a phone! I took it to the Genius Bar in the Apple Store, and they told me that they couldn't do anything about it, other than a like for like replacement, which would cost £119 so I'm sad. I'm now looking to see if I can replace and get a new contract in September, when mine runs out. 
I also had a horrific stomach/back ache for the most part of the day, which was so bad (ladies, you feeling me?!), I felt like crawling into a ball and stuffing my face. 

I then made myself feel a little better with some retail therapy in Primark. That was fun. I got a green skater skirt, high waisted jeans, and the prettiest maxi skirt I have ever seen! I want to wear it anywhere and everywhere! 

Also, I got instagram! You can pop over there if you fancy!

And that's it! Lots of stuff! Wowee!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Constantly learning

So I have almost finished the coursework for my course, and I'm excited! I can finally see a light at the end of this paper filled tunnel! 
For one of the last assignments, you have to fill out the same form you filled out at the beginning of the course, to see the progress you made. I've just finished the form, and wowee-kamowlee, I have picked up A LOT. I remember getting so frustrated with this form at the beginning of the year. I was snapping at Mum when she tried to help me, I was getting stressy at the boys when they tried to talk to me about anything, because THEY WERE DISRUPTING ME!
I literally breezed through it this time, as if it was the easiest thing ever. And I didn't think I was learning much academically on this course, because as it's a youth work course, it's mainly practical. I was wrong!

So whenever you feel like you're not learning anything, and you're just trudging along, carry on, because you are! You're picking up one thing at a time, and although it doesn't feel like it now, you're learning the things that are gunna stick with you forever.