Thursday, 10 October 2013

Bad day

So as well as this blog being my diary of stuff I love, and things that make me happy, sometimes, when I've had one of those days, I'd like to vent out all my frustrations here. Cool.

So right now, I am sitting in bed, with a herbal tea. I couldn't tell you what tea, because there's so many weird sounding fruits written on the packet. 
So my story all started really when I went to bed too late last night. I was chatting with friends, and we let time run away with us, only getting up to go to bed when we realised it was half one in the morning. So it was then really hard for me to get out of bed at half seven this morning. I woke up tired, and I attended my first lecture tired. Rookie mistake. But that wasn't just it. I have had freshers flu. I know. It's been bad. My nose has been stuffy, I've got a ridiculous tickly cough and my tooth has been aching. Also, in my bid to stay awake, I drank way too much coffee. So there I was, in this lecture, headache, sniffly, coughing, toothache, and squirming because I needed the loo. It was bad. 

Doesn't just stop there, though. Oh no. 
I then decided to do some work, and I went off to the library. That was ok. I then remembered I needed to do my washing. I went on a little break to the laundry room, and stuck my clothes in, lovely. (oh, the life of a student) Then, after an hour, I went back to put my clothes in the dryer. This was when it happened. The thieving little thing stole my £1, and DIDN'T EVEN DRY MY CLOTHES!!!!!! It just sucked the money right in, and didn't even acknowledge it. So now my undies and stuff are drying in my bathroom, on the towel rack. It's gunna stink like mould, and there aint nuttink I can do about it. 
I'm going to bed now, g'night. 

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