Sunday, 27 October 2013

In da hotel

This week has been one of business.

So this week, we were asked to move out of our comfy room in halls because there had been a mishap, and a conference had been booked in our rooms. We were told that in return we could check into a 4* hotel for the 4 days the conference would be in our rooms. We accepted knowing that although it would be nuisance, it would be an adventure, and tried to look on the bright side.

So Wednesday morning, we started packing. There was a lot of loud singing and dancing to Mambo No 5, and other such songs, but between us, Lizzie (my roomate) and I got it down, and all our our stuff went into multiple boxes and bin bags.
Thursday night we, along with the rest of Baird House, then went along to the hotel. Oh my giddy gosh, we almost had a heart attack... We had unlimited internet, and a tv!! 

Then we went and got lots of foods and wine and watched pitch perfect. It was so much fun.

Then, the next night we went to spoons, came back and watched the woman in black, which,  the less said about that the better. I pooed myself! 

It was an amazing few days, an adventure. I'm glad I'm back in room 102 of Baird House now though.  I feel like I'm home. 

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