Friday, 1 November 2013

After the crash

So being at bible college is amazing. There is so much to do, and I'm never bored or feeling alone. I'm never feeling like I'm not learning anything about God, there is so many opportunities to learn more and more about this creator God who made music and stars and hills and the wind. This is brilliant. This is amazing. 

But. You knew there was a but! 

I never have any time to myself. I feel like this week especially there has been so much going on, and I haven't had time to process it, or think it all through. In the middle of a prayer session I walked out, and decided I was going to have some time, alone with God and my thoughts, and I'm going to get this out onto here, and then maybe I can make more sense of it...

There are four things that have made me think this week.. Four different things that have jumbled into one, and now I am going to make sense of it. 

So Saturday I went back to Northampton, it was a lot of fun, I surprised Kel for her 21st, and saw Mum, Geoff, Elliot, Oscar and Isaac. Then on the way back, with five of us in the car, it started raining and it was dark. Next thing we know, the car was skidding out of control, and we had a crash. I was asleep, so all I remember is the driver saying, "sorry guys" then a lot of smacking into things, and then a big smack at the end. It was actually a really serious thing, like we should definitely have flipped in the car and smacked into a whole lot more things. God definitely had his hand on us. I got away with minor whiplash, and the others had other minor injuries.
Although it was a horrendous experience, it was amazing to know that God cares for us. He was so in that situation, it's unreal. He was so there for us. He pretty much guided the car. 
But he's a big God. He cares about little old me? A sinner? A 'same as everyone else' girl, from a small estate in a town in the UK? Amazing.

Then in devotions yesterday, one of my lecturers was speaking. He said, "Bible college is just preparing you behind the scenes, for the battle ground out there."
This really made me think. I'd never thought of the outside world as a battle ground, but it pretty much is. It's us Christians against the world Satan has a hold of. It's us Christians against the world that we aren't a part of. Yes we're in the world, but we're not of the world. It kind of reminded me of the matrix, in that the people in the 'real world' are fighting against the people who are in the matrix, and don't know anything different, then the agents can take any person in any shape. It's kind of the same in this world. Satan can grip any one who doesn't know God. Anyone who doesn't know God, doesn't know anything different, so can be taken hold of by Satan.

Then there was a prayer session this evening, and in amongst the praying and worship someone stood up, and asked us, "who is God to you?" Like not who the bible says he is, not who other people say he is, but what has he done in your life specifically, to show you who he is?!
So I thought I really wanted to do that, so here goes.

God is my protector.
       - car crash
He is my sorter-outer.
      - I give things to him, and put them in his hands, and he always seems to sort it out
He is my Daddy.
     - I have the best Dad in the world. He loves me more than I could ever imagine, and if my relationship with my earthly father isn't the best, that's ok! Because my relationship with Jesus is the best. 
God is my listener.
     - Always.
He is the giver of amazing things.
       - My brothers. My Mumma. My friends. My singing.
God is my whisperer.
     - Always what I need to here, when I need to hear it.

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