Monday, 30 December 2013

10 reasons I loved 2013

Every year people start the new year with the thought of "this year is going to be my year". And then the year happens, and it has its usual highs, and lows, and usually balances out in the end. Well not this year for me. This year, for me was the best one. It was one with so many milestones and amazing things. This year is one I wont be forgetting in a hurry.

To get you to realise this, I need to let you in on the reasons why this year has been so amazing. I have put, in no particular order, 10 reasons why this year was my year.

1, My beautiful Motherdear turned 50. We did her a little surprise party, and she loved it. We also went to visit the big bro in Wales, and I loved it. I love my family, and because she didn't have the best 40th, it was amazing to see her happy and doing something she really really loves for her 50th!

2, So the first half of this year, I worked as a youthworker, with the most amazing youth. They impacted my life more than I did theirs. I loved every second of it, and I miss them now, so much.

3, My bestie in the whole wide world came back from being in Africa for a year, working with people out there, teaching children, delivering babies. I am so proud of the person she has become, and what she did out there, but boy! I was so happy to get her back!

4, I got a sister! The big bro got married, and I blubbed the whole time. I was so proud of both of them, and I'm so proud of the man my bro has become. He is my fave 23 year old man, defo.

5, I started Uni! I've been going to a bible college in the beautiful English hills, and whilst it's hard work being a student, I've met so many amazing people! I honestly don't know how I got so blessed to meet so many fricking brilliant people. People that put a smile on my face, and bring light to my life.

6, I found a boy who is incredible. A boy who makes me feel like I'm the only girl. A boy who I can be a goof with. A boy who is hot, yet he's such a cutiepie. A boy who listens to me get stressy over the little things, then sits with me to cheer me up. A boy who isn't afraid to tell me when I'm being an idiot. A boy who loves Jesus just as much as I do. A boy who I love.

7, My 11 year old brother started high school! How did he get so big?! In my head he's still a chirpy 4 year old obsessed with Duplo.

8, I went to a Christian festival, Momentum, and it was so overwhelming. I let so many things that weren't good for me go, and got so much closer to God. It was good.

9, Motherdear met a man, who she loves. He's amazing, and we all love him. He's such a good person to be there for the boys, and I'm so happy for her.

10, And finally, Jottings of Love. I started this blog in June, because I want to remember all the little things. The things that I usually forget about. I want to read back over things, and think, "Yeah, that was a really good time", and I really felt this year I've been able to do this, with the help of this blog, and I'm so looking forward to the next year, aaaand documenting it here!

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