Thursday, 12 December 2013

All nighter essay writing..

So after a stressful week of trying to write a research paper on election, predestination and how it relates to the Christian doctrine of salvation, and then linking it to the evangelistic task of the church. Yeah I don't understand it either, and I've written 2000 words on it...

Last night, Lizzie my roommate, Jon, Jimmy and I decided to stay up super late to finish our papers. It was a lot of fun. Jon finished at 3:30, lucky whatsit, but Jimmy, Lizzie and I stayed awake, alert and enthusiastic for the whoooole night, and we FINISHED! Booom!!

Highlights include:

  • Lizzie and I being slugs on the library at 5am.
  • Jimmy walking down the hall way, swinging his arms, singing MJ's Bad.
  • Having a dance session to Heather Smalls' Proud, after we'd finished at 6am.
  • Watching 2 sessions of Miranda because we'd finished by 6, but had 2 hours to spare because breakfast starts at 8, and we wanted to catch breakfast!
  • Having a full English, and being the most awake for breakfast I've been everrrr.
I love my friends. Special bigup to Jon and Joe, who made me feel better when I was stressed and sad.

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