Friday, 31 January 2014


Dear diary, 

I know I've been posting quite a lot of photo's lately, but I just love this one. It is, quite obviously, my hair in a plait; but I just love the positioning of it, and the way it drops into a blur. I loves it, I do.


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Today was splendid.

I did the first exam of the year. Also the first exam of my degree. Usually I get panicky in exams and cry, (true story) but today I was ok. I wrote a lot of rubbish and made not much sense, but that's ok because I didn't cry, which is splendid.

Lizzie the roommate and I played some songs together and she played the pia-pia-piano and I played the guitar and we sang untill we got carried away and got very loud and then got told off for singing too loudly because one of our housemates is still revising for an exam she has on Wednesday. Oooooops! It was splendid though.

I also have had three latte's today. That's been splendid.

In a little while, we are going to watch Princess Diaries in the student lounge with blankets and popcorn. It's at 3:30 in the afternoon, but we don't mind because we're students. We're allowed to get away with this kind of thing. Which is splendid.

I then got ready and went out with the girls for a drink after dinner. It's our first girls night out in ages, and we had some cocktails, a chat about the usual girly stuff, then got a few of the boys to pick us up and take us to McDonalds, and then take us home again. I love those boys. They're splendid.

Today's soup was curried parsnip and mango. Weird, but surprisingly was, you guessed it, splendid!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Allll the deadlines

It's half eight. I am wearing a hideous concoction of clothing, please don't tell Gok; including my tacky pink ugg style boots, an oversized blue jumper which is actually meant for a man, and my Spiderman pyjama bottoms, also meant for a man, that were supposed to be a Christmas present for my brother but I decided I liked them too much, kept them for myself, and got him books(what he doesn't know won't hurt him).

I am this way, because this is what Uni does to me. All the lecturers must think it's hilarious to put all the deadlines in the same week, hardey har har. So for this Monday, I've got a 2 hour exam I need to revise for, and a paper on Adler and Strasberg. I also have a 20 minute extract of The Crucible I need to have line remembered for this Saturday. I also am in the worship band Wednesday, so I need to learn all songs for then. All work and no play! I jest though, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love it when I'm busy!

The only thing, though, is that this is taking a lot of brain power, so I seem to be hungry alllllll the time! This also means that my 'healthy eating lifestyle change' that happened after Christmas is out of the window. Chocolate digestives and cheese crackers, here I come!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Productive day

This morning, instead of writing my paper, I proceeded to go on facebook, go on Facebook, go on twitter, go on facebook, and complete a quiz to see what Hazza Potter character I was and wrote two sentences of my paper. Then it was lunch time.

I am Luna Lovegood.. Totally worth it. Also it was smokey tomato soup for lunch. Glory.

Pssssst, if ya wanna find out what one you are, go here!

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Monday, 13 January 2014

Backwards and Forwards

Backwards: Going for a 2 hour walk after lunch on Saturday. We walked round the hills, sloshed in the mud and many puddles in our wellys, and made friends with some sheep and cows we found on our way. The weather was also crisp and cold, but the sun was out. I liked it. 

Forwards: Finishing my paper on Adler and Strasberg, and relaxing in the knowing that I don't have to do another one till March! Aaaah, the life of a student!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Best picture to have ever been taken

The above picture is that of my bestie and my littlest brother. This was taken on my 19th birthday, and I find is the bestest picture to have ever been taken. Cool.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New year, new me?

I cannot believe it is already 2014! This year for me has easily been the best, but it has gone super fast! One of the things I love about new year is the idea of new year's resolutions. I love the thought of trying to make yourself into a better version of yourself each year.

So I thought, this year I am going to not give myself your average 'resolution', but I am going to set myself goals, and review them in again in December, before setting myself some more for 2015.

So here we go...

1, Try to wear more dresses.
I'll admit it, I am a bit of a slouch. There's no place I'm happier than when in jeans, uggs and a baggy jumper. But saying that, I do love dressing up, and I love casual day dresses with thick cardis. They're the bestest, and to be honest, they suit my figure much more than baggy jumpers.

2, Go blonder, Holly Willoughby-esk.
So this year, I went from being a redhead to a blondey. At the moment my hair is at a kind of a dark blonde (Lauren Conrad-ish), and I want it a lot more blonde, more like this.

3, Read at least 33 whole books of the bible (half).
I have started to do this, but I want to have done 17 by June, and 33 by December!

4, Do at least one open mike night at College where I sing with a guitar. 
 This could be with others, or not. I have this thing about making sure my voice is heard. If I don't start now, when will I?!

5, Try to do all papers at least a week in advance. 
This would help massively, if I managed to do this! It would save so much stress, and then I could get so much more out of redrafting!