Sunday, 2 March 2014

8 fave things about February!

Before I start to say about how quickly Feb has gone, I'd just like to mention that it has 5 less days than all of the other months. So that makes me feel a little better about it!

1. Whilst dying the ends of my hair pink again, I also convinced the boyfriend to let me dye a patch of his hair purple. He reluctantly let me, but it only showed up under the light becuase his hair is so dark. Darn it Daisy!

2. I love my housemates. We first decided that it'd look funny if I put my hair up in high pigtails. I did it, then they wanted to join in. We then got carried away and before we knew it we had bright lippy on, bright blusher and multi coloured clothing. We danced around a bit then decided to get changed back again. It was a weird spur of the moment dress-up-thing. Here's to never growing up!

3. I love date night with Jon. This month we had two that stick out in my mind. The first was when we had a High School Musical movie marathon. We watched them back-to-back and sang all the songs together. We're cool. Honest!
The second one was when we got a take-out from McDonalds, and had an indoors picnic on my floor whilst watching New Girl. I loves that boy.

4. It has been an easy month uni work-wise. My next paper is due 17th March, and after that it's non stop. But it's been nice having a month off not doing too much work!

5. We watched Bridget Jones, Jon, Joe, Alice and I, and every time the music came on we jumped up on the sofa and danced. It was the best.

6. Lizzie, Rosie and I went into town to shop for end of year party dresses. I ended up buying multiple dresses, jeans, hairdye and no party dress. Typical girl! We did manage to find, though, a really nice tea room. I had pomegranate tea and a peanut butter cookie. Yum!

7. It was one of ma homie's 20th, and we clubbed together and bought him a guitar as hos had broken a few months earlier. It was a little more than we could all afford because we wanted to get him a good one, but it was so worth it surprising him at eight in the morning with party poppers and seeing his face when he opened it. Happy Birthday Joe!

8. The sun had his hat on for the last day of February, and so I took full advantage and sat with my legs dangling out of the window watching the boys play basketball. Then Lizzie and Rosie came to join, and we ended up all singing all the songs we could in three part harmonies. I love the fact that my friends share my love for harmonies and singing!!

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