Sunday, 27 April 2014


Dear diary,

Growing up as the only girl among four boys, I have learnt to realise that there ain't no bond like a brotherly bond.  I must have realised this as a young Lav because I tried to be a boy growing up.  I cut my own hair, would partake in 'punch fights' and I even tried to do a stand up wee.  It never worked because I am and have always been, despite my efforts, a girl.  I like long hair, makeup, heels, pink and sparkly things.  You could not get more girly than I if you tried!

Back to the brotherly bond; these two are a prime example of this.  They're four years apart, yet they share everything together.  They fight like brothers, but they love like brothers.  It's a privilege to see them be so tight.

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