Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Memory lane: Burglars

Friday 15th October 2010, I walked home from school. It was around half one in the afternoon and, having done a hard week of AS’s, I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend.
A quiet, serene house greeted me, which was strange as it was used to being filled with six of us, four being boys.
I put on my big fluffy slippers, that made me feel as though I was springing on clouds, and I entered down the hallway, black and white snapshots of my grandparents on the wall to the right, and a window to the left, showing the outside world. The outside didn’t matter anymore. I was in my safe place.  I was comfortable. I was secure. I was stress free.
I shuffled into the sitting room, and plonked myself on the brown leather sofa wishing Mum hadn’t got these naff sofas, and that we still had the old cream sofas that you could just sink into. I wrapped my pink fluffy blanket around me, and snuggled up, grabbing the remote to watch any old rubbish that daytime tv would offer me.

KNOCK. Someone was at the door. Being home alone, and the scaredy cat I am, I quietly tiptoed up the stairs making sure to miss the stair that creaks. I glanced out of the upstairs window at the front of the house, and sure enough, there was a man standing at the front door, in a dark crease-free suit. I could see the top of his head through his thinning dark hair. I silently backed away from the window thinking that he probably wanted to sell something to me and if I just kept quiet, he would think there was no one in, leave, and then I could resume back to my safe place.

I waited for silence, for a sign that the man was gone, but instead I heard lots of banging. It was strange as though someone was knocking on the windows downstairs. I then heard my dog barking in a way I’d never heard him bark. It was loud, erratic and odd, like he was trying to warn me of something.

I walked into my mum’s room, and looked through her window to the back garden, which was usually peaceful, adorned with many different flowers and abandoned footballs. Usually.

This time there were two men, one was the man I’d seen at the front door, and the other was wearing a black puffa jacket, and a black woolly hat to match.  
I backed away from the window, panicking and breathing heavily. I grabbed the nearest phone. I then heard an almighty crash, men’s voices and then creaking on the stairs. They were coming up.

I ran into the nearest bathroom, and locked it behind me, making sure to breathe as quietly as possible…

 P.s, this isn't April fools, it genuinely did happen to me. I'm ok though, so it's all ok :)

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