Saturday, 31 May 2014

Finished 1st year!

Dear diary,

After what seems like the longest year of my life, yet the shortest year of my life all at the very same time, I have finished year one at uni. 
This year has stretched me so much. I've learnt so much, made so many amazing friends, grown so confident in myself and my faith and had the best time doing it. 
To think of the person I was when I came here at the beginning, it's so mental. Bible college isn't like 'normal uni', it changes you in so many ways, but I am so grateful for it! 

"And what did we do to celebrate the ending of the first year?" I hear you say, "Did you go to the pub? Or have a party?" We did consider those, but no, we watched all five of the Twillight movies back-to-back. We all hadn't seen them since we were like 13, and oh my goodness. They were so bad... But so good. 

Now I'm off to the cinema. I love my life being free.. I still have feel like there's something I have to do though... Like a forgotten essay or something!

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