Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Dear diary,

I feel like I haven't posted anything substantial in ages! I have been so busy coming up to the end of my first year at uni. This week was paper writing, exam revision-ing, seminar paper writing, presentation planning and rehearsals that went into the late hours of the night (sometimes even the next day!) for the end production for the third years. It has been hectic, but now it's over, the last show was yesterday, and now I only have to revise for two exams, and finish writing the seminar paper, I feel like I can breathe a little! 

This morning we felt like it was going to be a lovely day, and in England you never know when you're gunna get another one, so we didn't go to church and instead we went down to the pool and swam for a few hours. It was amazing just to relax for a little before going back to revising this afternoon! 

My face has gone super freckly though, only from an hour and a half in the sun! 

So... This is to let you know I'm still alive, and I'll be back soon. Sometimes you've just gotta enjoy life. I'm sitting in my relax spot, a gentle breeze flowing through the open windows, and the sun warming my legs.. beautiful.



  1. Uni is awalys a busy time and its hard to justify finding time for blogging when you have so many other things to do. Hopefully you have more freedom this summer to enjoy life.

    1. Well now I've finished! :D Now I can have more time for summer! Let BBQ's, late night walks and star gazing commence! ;) x