Wednesday, 11 June 2014

a walk round the grounds

Dear diary,

Sometimes living in close proximity with a lot of other college students, we find that that we get on each other's nerves a little ('little' being a little bit of an understated word here). And when that happens, I like getting out and taking a walk around the grounds, which just so happens to double up as a woods. I love it because I find it very therapeutic to explore, find new things and look at creation.

It helps me think better, and although I'm no happier in the middle of a busy street full of people and shops, being on my own in the middle of the woods also has kind of the same effect.

I took some snaps. These were taken on my phone, so they're not as good as they could be. And I spent most of the time taking it in, so there's only three snaps. And one is a selfie. I'm so good at this blogging malarkey. Enjoy ;)

Imagine how beautiful this was in reality though?! Incredible.

Did I take a selfie, on my own, with a creepy man shaped thing?! YEAH I DID!

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