Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Buzzfeed addict

I love Buzzfeed. You will always find me on it. I've gotten into the habit now of checking it everyday, and taking all the quizzes. I'm sad, but I love it.

I have saved, over the past few months, the few articles that I really want to keep somewhere so I can re-look at them when needs be, because you know how annoying it can be when you can't find an article you love on the internet. It's such a big place.

So here are the five articles...
  1. Everything you need to know about life and love you can learn from pizza. I love pizza, and the fact that you can learn anything about life and love from it is brilliant. It's not a cheesy article either (except the cheese on the pizza, hardey har har).
  2. 16 times toilet graffiti knew you better than you knew yourself. Light-hearted funny stuff that was written on toilet walls. 
  3. 23 signs you're an old soul. This one is me all over. Just me in an article. All about me.
  4. 22 silly DIY projects that will make you laugh out loud. I wanna do the majority of these. I love quirky decor ideas. Except the baby hand coat hook thing. What on earth is that about?!
  5. 19 words that have a totally different meaning when you're an introvert. I read this one with the boyf, and he was laughing at every one at how much it was like me. Thanks Jon.
  6. This amazing kimono. This is the sixth link. It also isn't a Buzzfeed article. I don't play by your rules. Anyway, I really love this kimono I found on Pinterest. I have no idea where to get it though. I just keep staring at the picture hoping the fabric will telepathically tell me. It's not happened yet, but I'll keep you posted ;) 

P.s, I just realised that the picture has nothing to do with the post. I can explain, honest! 
I was looking on pinterest, and I found this picture. Anybody who is anybody knows how much I love tea, and so I fell in love. With a picture. I'm honestly going to have it framed and put it on my wall, maybe.


  1. Such a nice post dear!xx
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    That would mean so much to me!
    Keep in touch ,love xoxo

    1. Thank you very much :D Course I'll check your blog out! xx