Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sis-in-law's graduation

Last Friday (July18th) was my sister in law's graduation, so myself, motherdear and the three younger brothers we got up at 6am, hopped in the car, and traveled 4 hours (stopping obviously for the mandatory McDonald's breakfast break) to the beautiful country of Wales, to celebrate with her, her family and the big brother.

We got to see her wear a funny hat and shake a random woman's hand. It was also a lot of fun looking at the other graduates names in the booklet. Some of them were very Welsh and so had many consonants in them. Brilliant.
It was a fun day, and obviously I took many photo's of the day....

After the ceremony, we went to a beautiful park for a picnic, and then we had a walk round a lake. The boys played a little, and the older brother told the younger ones he'd pay them £5 if they could catch a pigeon. It gave us peace and quiet for at least an hour! (He knew they wouldn't be able to, but it was fun watching them try!)

Well done Dr Hannah! xx


  1. Ah bless your brothers are too sweet x

    1. Haha, thank you :) xx