Sunday, 28 September 2014

Backwards and Forwards: Bubba and uni!

I remember when I said I was going to do a 'backwards and forwards' every week. Pahhhhh! Life got in the way of that one. It's nice doing them sometimes though!

Anywayyy. Here goes...

I met one of my bestie's (Amy) little girl on Tuesday. She was born 4 weeks early, and so was a teeny tiny 4 pound 12. She was just over 2 weeks when I visited, and was about 5 pounds! She was so adorably teeeeeeeny, and I squiged her for at least 2 hours whilst Amy and I were catching up! Eeek! It's so weird to think that we went to school together! We became besties at the age of 14 and now she's a Mumma at 21, and living with her fiance. So grown up. And I can barely keep my room tidy!

The three pictures in this post are that of Amy and I. I couldn't pick a fave. These sum up our relationship perfectly though! The first is a snow day, whilst we were completing our GCSE's in 2010, aged 16. The second photo was taken at Thorpe Park in April 2013, and the last picture was taken in 2012 after bowling, when we realised she could fit into my jumper with me! Notice my hair is a completely different colour in each picture! Haha! I can never make up my mind!

I'm back at uni! Woop! So good to be back! Ready to, ahem, take on my second year. Come at me bro! I'm saying all this, but I probably won't wanna get out of bed tomorrow morning! Haha! I feel so under prepared! My oh my it's good to be back though!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

5 reasons I love to take selfies!

Ok,  so before you get annoyed at me, I don't mean like all the time, annoying selfies that alwayyyyyys come up on your instagram feed, they annoy me too! I mean once in a while, every now and then 'HeyyyyEverybadyyyyThisIsWhatI'mDoingRightNow' selfies.

1, I'm gunna get this one out of the way, because you're expecting it.. Self love. It's real, guys. Selfies show a little bitta self love. They show security in one's self. It's so sad when I go to take a picture of someone (usually when I want to capture a moment, or a relationship between people) and someone goes, "No, I don't want a picture." And they proceed to hide their face behind various objects. Because I see it as a sign of insecurity. People are so scared to have a picture that makes them look 'ugly', and I find that sad!

2, Using selfies to remember where you are. Up on a mountain? Selfie. Quiet pamper night in? Selfie. Going out with friends? Selfie. It's good to take these pictures as reminders of that time. You might not get to take any pictures when you're out, or of the beautiful view on that hill, but you've got the selfie to remind you of the time, of how happy you were in that moment.

3, You can have fun with it! Life sometimes can be a bit of a downer. Have a bitta fun! It's always a good laugh to do an ugly selfie. Especially when you steal someone's iPhone, and do it on there. That, ladies and gents, is my specialty! 

4, I love to use selfies to show how much I have changed. The above pictures, for instance, are a mixture of different stages - especially with my everchanging hair colour!! They are all selfies, but it's nice to look back on the different hair colours, showing how much I've changed.

5, And last but not least, selfies don't have to be all about number one. Grab yourself a partner and do selfwes! These are the best. You can have so much fun with these, and have an almost tangible way of keeping these memories.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Growing up!

Growing up I was always a bit of a scardey cat of anything to do with being out of my comfort zone. The way I dealt with it was shutting down and convincing myself that it wasn't what I had wanted to do anyway.  If I had to ever ask a stranger for anything whether that be directions, for more milk in my tea, or whatever, I would always ask whoever was with me to do it for me (hi5 Kel, you're the bestest bestie ever), and if they wouldn't or I was on my own, I just wouldn't do it. As I've grown up, the talking to people thing has gotten a lot better, but there's something that still scares the do-lalleys out of me....

Public transport.

With a friend, it's great. On my own? Nuh-ah. Not even from town back home. I'd rather walk for 2 hours than get a half hour bus. And that's just a bus. It's the panic of doing it by myself, depending on myself. And I'm a lot worse when it comes to trains than I am with buses, because you tend to go further around the country, meaning there's more that can go wrong, and if it does you're stuck by yourself, miles away from anyone who can help (Mumma!). 

But yesterday I was chucked, and I use this word because there's no way I would have done it voluntarily, out of my comfort zone and I've had to travel across the country ON MY OWN. WAAAAAH! It was a friend's wedding. 3 hours away, with a changeover in the middle, and I had to make my own way to the venue in this foreign city. I was so nervous I couldn't eat, or read my book properly. I just sat there staring into space for 2 and a half hours. 

When I was about 20 minutes away from the last stop, I decided to listen to music to try and calm my nerves, and Jimmy Needham's version of 'Great is thy faithfulness' came on. It made me realise that God is faithful. He was with me the whole way. I really felt like he was with me in this. And apart from the slight hitch when google maps made my phone crash after getting off the train. (Grrr) I did it. And during this, I realised that I, with God's help am capable to do scary things without the assistance of another human. I can do it.

I don't say this very much, but I am so proud of myself and what I overcame yesterday, considering I was on the phone to Jon crying about it on Wednesday because I was panicking so much!

I'm growing up! 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Opticians are magic.

The opticians is funny, isn't it? I always feel it's a little like magic when I go. They get me to put my head in this little machine, and then they shine lights in my eyes (which means I can't see anything for at least a minute! You're supposed to help me see, Mr Optician Man, not blind me!) and they get me to tell them when the little black dot is more blurry, and from that they make glasses with special glass that when I look into, I can read things and not get headaches. Magic. They also make me go downstairs and put my face in another machine thing and give me a buzzer thing and tell me to press the buzzer every time I see a squiggly line. It's very stressful and I have no idea what I'm doing. It's still magic though.
I went yesterday, and he told me to get my old glasses, and then he examined them and from that knew what strength they were and if they were designed for short or long sighted-ness. How did he know that? Magic. 

P.s, I got new glasses. I can see with these. It's brilliant. It's magic.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Sleeping plaster

Dear diary,

Because my nose is still healing from the piercing (it takes 4-6 months), and I have been known to pull it out in the middle of the night, I sleep (really attractively) with a plaster on my nose to protect it. 

Well, this morning, I woke with the plaster not on my nose. It was wrapped perfectly around my thumb. I'll just let you process that.....

Yeah. On my thumb. Say what?! I mean, I talk, sing and put on hoodies in my sleep, but this is just getting out of hand! ;)


Saturday, 6 September 2014

Awkward conversations

Dear diary,

The 7 year old pictured, picked up a tampon, and said, "What is this? Mum has loads of them", to which I hastily garbled something to do with nosebleeds.

What on earth was I supposed to do?!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Wrap battle

Over the summer, I have been looking after my two younger brothers as Mum is still working. It's been so much fun, and I've tried to do a different activity with them everyday (thanks Pinterest!) to keep them engaged, learning but most importantly, to stop them playing on Minecraft! 
One particular day, we decided to have a wrap battle! They made soft tortilla wraps from scratch, recipe here, and it got very messy and floury! It was a lot of fun though, and then we ate the wraps for dinner.

It was fun to see them working it all out together, and bonding over it, although the following conversation did happen:
Zac pointed to Oscar's wrap saying, "Wow, look at Oscar's, it's perfect!"
Me, "Ah, well done Zac being nice about Oscar's ones!"
Zac, "No, I'm not trying to be nice, but it is perfect!"

We also got Mum to decide which one was the best, and she decided that Zac's looked better, although Oscar's tasted better, so the winner of the wrap battle was Oscar.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Here we go

Dear diary,

Here is my breakfast. It's porridge with blueberries and raspberries, and honey. And I had coffee in my french mug, oh la la. It was good.
At the moment, I'm trying to get some uni work done, so I can make it a little easier for when I get back, but I just can't get into the swing of things. My brain knows I'm still on holiday, and so it needs to flick through instagram and twitter a million times after writing just one sentence. Blaaaah. I've still got 4 weeks, but I need to get through a book and write it all up. Ok. I'm gunna do it. Here we go.