Thursday, 25 September 2014

5 reasons I love to take selfies!

Ok,  so before you get annoyed at me, I don't mean like all the time, annoying selfies that alwayyyyyys come up on your instagram feed, they annoy me too! I mean once in a while, every now and then 'HeyyyyEverybadyyyyThisIsWhatI'mDoingRightNow' selfies.

1, I'm gunna get this one out of the way, because you're expecting it.. Self love. It's real, guys. Selfies show a little bitta self love. They show security in one's self. It's so sad when I go to take a picture of someone (usually when I want to capture a moment, or a relationship between people) and someone goes, "No, I don't want a picture." And they proceed to hide their face behind various objects. Because I see it as a sign of insecurity. People are so scared to have a picture that makes them look 'ugly', and I find that sad!

2, Using selfies to remember where you are. Up on a mountain? Selfie. Quiet pamper night in? Selfie. Going out with friends? Selfie. It's good to take these pictures as reminders of that time. You might not get to take any pictures when you're out, or of the beautiful view on that hill, but you've got the selfie to remind you of the time, of how happy you were in that moment.

3, You can have fun with it! Life sometimes can be a bit of a downer. Have a bitta fun! It's always a good laugh to do an ugly selfie. Especially when you steal someone's iPhone, and do it on there. That, ladies and gents, is my specialty! 

4, I love to use selfies to show how much I have changed. The above pictures, for instance, are a mixture of different stages - especially with my everchanging hair colour!! They are all selfies, but it's nice to look back on the different hair colours, showing how much I've changed.

5, And last but not least, selfies don't have to be all about number one. Grab yourself a partner and do selfwes! These are the best. You can have so much fun with these, and have an almost tangible way of keeping these memories.

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