Sunday, 28 September 2014

Backwards and Forwards: Bubba and uni!

I remember when I said I was going to do a 'backwards and forwards' every week. Pahhhhh! Life got in the way of that one. It's nice doing them sometimes though!

Anywayyy. Here goes...

I met one of my bestie's (Amy) little girl on Tuesday. She was born 4 weeks early, and so was a teeny tiny 4 pound 12. She was just over 2 weeks when I visited, and was about 5 pounds! She was so adorably teeeeeeeny, and I squiged her for at least 2 hours whilst Amy and I were catching up! Eeek! It's so weird to think that we went to school together! We became besties at the age of 14 and now she's a Mumma at 21, and living with her fiance. So grown up. And I can barely keep my room tidy!

The three pictures in this post are that of Amy and I. I couldn't pick a fave. These sum up our relationship perfectly though! The first is a snow day, whilst we were completing our GCSE's in 2010, aged 16. The second photo was taken at Thorpe Park in April 2013, and the last picture was taken in 2012 after bowling, when we realised she could fit into my jumper with me! Notice my hair is a completely different colour in each picture! Haha! I can never make up my mind!

I'm back at uni! Woop! So good to be back! Ready to, ahem, take on my second year. Come at me bro! I'm saying all this, but I probably won't wanna get out of bed tomorrow morning! Haha! I feel so under prepared! My oh my it's good to be back though!

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