Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Opticians are magic.

The opticians is funny, isn't it? I always feel it's a little like magic when I go. They get me to put my head in this little machine, and then they shine lights in my eyes (which means I can't see anything for at least a minute! You're supposed to help me see, Mr Optician Man, not blind me!) and they get me to tell them when the little black dot is more blurry, and from that they make glasses with special glass that when I look into, I can read things and not get headaches. Magic. They also make me go downstairs and put my face in another machine thing and give me a buzzer thing and tell me to press the buzzer every time I see a squiggly line. It's very stressful and I have no idea what I'm doing. It's still magic though.
I went yesterday, and he told me to get my old glasses, and then he examined them and from that knew what strength they were and if they were designed for short or long sighted-ness. How did he know that? Magic. 

P.s, I got new glasses. I can see with these. It's brilliant. It's magic.

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