Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Happy 8th Birthday Isaac!

Today is Isaac's 8th birthday. He has been excited for this day since the beginning of August, and have made us aware of this from his very well done birthday wishlist. I decided to write out what his list was. He actually wrote this all down.

Said list reads...

  • the new skait please!!! for ter xbox 360
  • new ctare
  • new book
  • a new breakfast boall
  • brand new breakfast
  • textier
  • minecraft cake!!!!!!!!!!!
  • new ds geme
  • a packet of loom bands

Said list is actually supposed to read
  • The new skate please!!! For the xbox 360
  • New guitar
  • New book
  • A new breakfast bowl
  • Brand new breakfast
  • Texter.
  • Minecraft cake!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • New DS game
  • A packet of loom bands.

Best. Birthday. Wishlist. Everrrrrrrrr!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

4 things volunteering has taught me

I have just got back from volunteering at a Christian youth event. I was on the welcome desk primarily, welcoming, but did lots of other things too. It was amazing, so amazing, but after sleeping on a church floor, early mornings, late nights, no showers, and being on-the-go for 14 hours a day; I am so exhausted mentally and physically. But I would do it all again if I could. Why? Because I learnt so much. Here is my list of things that volunteering this weekend taught me.

1, It's amazing to be part of someone's journey.
When I was selling t-shirts a girl who was buying a tee, probably around 12 years old, was super excited telling me that she had experienced God in a totally different way to how she had before, and she felt so different worshiping and she could freely. It was so incredible to have been a part of the team that could enable this to happen.

2, When you think you can't do any more, you can.
Each morning I was so tired, but as I was one of the first people the young people would see on the way in, I had to be all smiles and hi5's. There were so many times when I thought, "I'm so tired, I can't do this anymore" and I'd sit down. That was until another youth group would walk through the door, and out of no where I'd jump back up, enthusiastically waving and exclaim, "WELCOME, IT'S GREAT TO SEE YA!" 

3, Being part of organising an event that people have amazing times on, is exhilarating 
When someone came in the door this morning, and said "owhhhh, it should be longer, I don't wanna go home, I'm having so much fun, I wanna stay here", you know it's all been worth it. Other people's happiness is what it's all about.

4, God will use you
I have always been uncomfortable about praying for people. I just feel like I mumble some awkward things, and then some more awkward things. So you could imagine how I felt when I was in my comfort zone selling t-shirts, and someone came up to me and said, "They need more people to go into the main meeting and pray for people" when I said "so.... can't you do it?!" to which he replied, "no, because they need more girls."


Because you have to pray for your own sex (safeguarding, guys! It's important) I had to. I really didn't want to but I knew I was needed and so bit the bullet, and off I went. 
I prayed for five different people and each time the prayer flowed out of me. Some of the things I said were so profound, and I know that was definitely God. He literally changed my words to tell these girls what he wanted to say to them, and I know this because there is no way I would have thought of it on my own! 

5, You're doing God's will
Philippians 4:2 says "Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others." And this is definitely what I felt like I was doing this weekend. I'm not saying this in vain, because some of the stories I heard about people from the weekend made it worth it. It just showed me when you sew into others, like fully and selflessly, you see fruit for the Lord.

So wrapping it up, I had an amazing time, but I have just had the longest shower everrrr, and now I'm going to snuggle up with tea and catch up on blog reading! Perfect.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Dear Autumn

Dear Autumn,

I'm excited to see you! 

I love the colours you bring with you, the oranges and the reds, the burgundys and the maroons. I love going on walks with you. The crisp cold air hitting my face, while my hands are buried deep in my pockets. I love wearing boots with thick woolly socks, crunching leaves beneath my feet. I love cosy nights in, by candlelight. Snuggling under blankets, and film nights with friends. I love the fireworks you bring, and holding sparklers with gloved hands.

Thank you for your beautiful sunsets, I'll look forward to seeing them more and more as they come earlier.

Summer was beautiful, but I'm ready for your arrival.

Lots of love xx