Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Happy 8th Birthday Isaac!

Today is Isaac's 8th birthday. He has been excited for this day since the beginning of August, and have made us aware of this from his very well done birthday wishlist. I decided to write out what his list was. He actually wrote this all down.

Said list reads...

  • the new skait please!!! for ter xbox 360
  • new ctare
  • new book
  • a new breakfast boall
  • brand new breakfast
  • textier
  • minecraft cake!!!!!!!!!!!
  • new ds geme
  • a packet of loom bands

Said list is actually supposed to read
  • The new skate please!!! For the xbox 360
  • New guitar
  • New book
  • A new breakfast bowl
  • Brand new breakfast
  • Texter.
  • Minecraft cake!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • New DS game
  • A packet of loom bands.

Best. Birthday. Wishlist. Everrrrrrrrr!

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