Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Why Do Trains Hate Me So?

Argh. Trains.
I always get very panicky about trains. Something always seems to go wrong. do you remember this post when I felt like I conquered my fear of getting on trains and  did something very grown up?

Well I think I used up all my 'train luck' on that one return journey, because in the last two weeks I have...

1, Gotten on the wrong train, and almost ended up in London (hour and a half from where I was meant to be)

2, Got squashed into not the nicest smelling man, if you catch my drift

3, A child said to his Dad, "Daddy, I don't like that lady" after I smiled at him

4, Got on the wrong train again, this time however I realised just before it set off to the other end of the country

5, Had another mini panic attack when I saw the sign for somewhere that wasn't where the train was supposed to stop, thinking I'd got on the wrong train again but then realised it wasn't stopping at that stop.

I am still alive though.. So that's something!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Yo! Just checking in...

The last few weeks have been hectic.

Getting back into uni life was difficult at first, getting into having to get up in the mornings, eating food at particular times, writing essays and having people around you all. the. time. (teheeee introverts for the win!) The first paper, especially, was super hard. It was so long! I stayed up late, for a few days and ended up having an all nighter the last night to get it all done, and stayed up till 6, and so in the space of 4 days I ended up having about 17 hours sleep. For someone who needs at least 8 hours a night to function properly, not cool!

I have no idea though how I did write it.. I was so delirious during the all nighter. Giggling at anything and drinking lotsa coffee. The only way to be a student!

 I now have two weeks to write another two papers. 3, 2, 1: Let's do dissssssss!