Tuesday, 6 January 2015

My New Year/Christmas

 Dear diary,

I am super tired, but happy. I know I haven't checked in properly, only to tell of my new year's resolutions, but since we last chatted properly: Christmas has happened. I always feel Christmas day is a bit of a let down, there is such a pressure for it to be such a special day and we forget that we're all human and humans annoy other humans and we get things wrong. But because it's Christmas it's so much worse, right? I'm in no way complaining about it though. I feel like it's a time to look past all that and just go with the flow cherishing each moment anyway, and then laughing at it later. This Christmas day was no different. There was lots of arguments, so much so that we didn't end up having Christmas dinner till 8, haha! 

But there was lots of laughter. We played trivial pursuit, ate way too much and drank too much (the drinking was primarily me, with me old friends mulled wine and baileys). The day was messy, but it was family.

Boxing day we visited my big brother and his wife,  and stayed at theirs for a few days. It was so good to spend time with all my brothers in the same place again. We made chocolate cake and pizzas and bread from scratch. I'm kinda starting to see a theme of food in this post. Beauuuutiful.


 Leaving theirs, we spent the day at nan's nursing home with grandad where she sang Spanish songs, talked about her horse (she has never had a horse) and kept mentioning that grandad now has white hair (he has for the last 20 years!).

Jon then came to visit for a few days, then we went back to uni for new years eve, which was spent with friends, eating good food, drinking good drink, playing good games (cheat and spoons, when we do it, we do it good). Bringing in the new year with good friends is the best! 

I'm excited for what this year will bring. Hopefully lots of laughter and fun!


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