Monday, 16 February 2015

Before the Crack of Dawn

Dear diary,

Good morning. It's 10am, and I have been up for 5 and a half hours and have traveled 98.4 miles. Yes, you did read that right, I was up at 4:30. Why, I hear you ask? Well, I'll tell ya. I'll tell ya right now. Right nzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

That was me sleeping.

Just kiggind. (That was supposed to say kidding, but it made me laugh so I'm not even going to change it.)

I was supposed to be coming home today, but the only times Mum was available to pick me up from the station (because she's working) was 9am or 4pm. Well, I'd told friends I was meeting them in the afternoon, and so I had to be back way before 4, so 9am was the way to go. I could have gone a little later, but then I would have had to get the bus home myself, and aint nobody got time fo dat. Especially with a suitcase. Thank God for Mums!

So because it takes an hour to walk to the train station, two hours on the train, and a changeover in the middle, half four was my alarm time. I left at 5, and it was pitch black. It was also freeeeeezing and then started drizzling. I then got scared my suitcase would wake people as I was walking by their houses on the way to the train station because of the wheels against the pavement, so I carried my suitcase instead of rolling it. My hands aren't thanking me for that. But I think I'd rather that than a grumpy man being woken by my suitcase rumbling across the front of his house, the sound resembling thunder.

The reason for me telling you this however, is that although I did the one thing a non-morning person would never do.. Heck, I did something a morning person would probably never do, but the things is I actually enjoyed it.

I started praying on the way, and then I found I kept getting distracted, so then I started singing. I would have looked a right idiot if anyone was round. But it was 5am, don't be silly, no one would be around. And anyway, it was Jesus I was singing to, not random wierdos out at 5am.

It was so good to spend the first hour with God, and although it was dark, cold, raining and my bag was heavy, I was so happy. God is good,

Lav xx

P.s, I started writing this at 10am. It's now 1pm. Oooops. I was distracted by my newest obsession, Flula. ←WARNING. Don't click that link if you have any work to do. Or if you should be somewhere. Seriously. I made that mistake, and now I probably won't leave this sofa for the rest of the day.

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