Saturday, 21 March 2015

Date Night // Homemade Golf Edition

Dear diary,

Date night with this one is always a blast. We always have fun ideas of what to do but because we're both students, we're both skint. So we have to be creative, without spending any money. This night, we decided on golf. Then we realised we don't have a golf course, golf club or any golf balls. Uh oh. If we were a normal couple we'd have just watched a film. But we're not. We're a strange couple, so we decided to do it anyway.

After a good google, and a think, we decided to have a look around to see if we could find anything we could use for our golfing experience.

This is what we came up with (no lie).

Golf ball? Easy, a sponge red clown nose.
Golf club? Easier, the 'hoover' end of Henry the hoover.
Golf course? The corridor in ma house.
Golf course obstacles?  Whatever, and I mean whatever, we could find.

Every round, something else was added. In the end, we had to go round the water bottle, down the line of pens (without knocking an army man over), through the gap in the hairspray/dryshampoo cans, through the dvd bridge, and into the cup at the end! Every hit you had to take was 1 point, if you touched the army men dotted around you'd get 5 points. If you knocked them over, well, you'd get 10 points. The aim was to get the least points at the end.

And, ahem, guess who won?! That's right, yours truly. Girl power! (I honestly have no idea how, I'm the worse at anything to do with coordination. Honestly, you should see me in dance lectures!)

It was a fun night, and didn't cost a thing. Love it.


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