Sunday, 26 April 2015

I haven't died, honest!

Dear diary, 

I know I haven't written anything in a while.  I mean, it's only been 2 weeks, but I think this is the longest I've gone without a post!  Shock horror!  I'm sorry.  It's been so busy, I've been writing papers!  You can tell the roomie and I have been busy, I mean, look at the state of the desk.  Ooooops.  But before I started spending all my time writing papers, I did some actual life stuff...  You know, stuff that people do when they've got a life.

Since we last spoke, this is what's happened:
  • I've been for a swim.  The first time just my feet as it was that annoying time of the month, and the second time I went all in.  Did some real swimming.  It was great. 
  • I did about 3500 words of research, for a paper, in one day.  Girl power.
  • I ate pizza and watched New Girl with friends.
  • I bought a beautiful new bag, but have to take it back because the zip got stuck.  I hate that!
  • Went for cocktails with the girls.
  • Went for a late-night-pee, fell and grabbed the roomie's foot on the way down.  This was at 5am.  I dunno why she puts up with me. 
  • I got pooped on by a pigeon.

Now, I'm off to watch The Proposal, with popcorn, before I blow up from exhaustion! 


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Forwards and backwards: being home, and uni!

Dear diary, 

I used to do these 'backwards and forwards' posts a lot, back in the day. I kind of forgot about them, until reading Rosie's '10 things that have made me happy this week'. I loved the simpleness of remembering the little things, and then decided to start it up again. I mean it's not going to be every week, lezbehonest. But I'll try to do it lots? Promise! So..

Looking backwards: I have loved spending this Easter week with the fam. I miss them so much when I'm at uni.

Looking forwards: I'm excited to go back to beautiful uni (I mean, seriously. Look at the picture. It's incredible.), handing in my movement paper, and watching endless episodes of Nashville with the girls!

Friday, 10 April 2015

What Losing My Phone Taught Me.

Dear diary, 

Two weeks ago I got on a train. I then got off the train. You'd think it was a normal day. Not today. I was lighter. What was wrong? Why did I feel so empty? I must tell twitter about this, where's my pho. Oh. Wait. That's what's wrong. My phone is on the way to London, in the seat I'd just left. Crap. I left it on the train. What on earth was I supposed to do?! That phone is my life!!!

Luckily, it was handed in by a lovely person. May the head of that person be blessed abundantly with gorgeous flowing locks and all that good stuff. Fun fact however; the city where said person had handed in my pink sparkly phone just happened to also be the city my roommate is from. She was going home that weekend, so it was perfect. She could pick up the phone, and send it to me in a package.

Today I recieved said package. Inside was my sparkly phone. I was so excited to get it, but it's been kind of refreshing having a week without it and I learned some things..
This is what they are:
  • So many times I was with people and they were all on their phones. I would just sit/stand in silence. If I was there would I be just as unsociable?!
  • I got more sleep. Because I was no longer relying on my phone waking me up but on myself, I had to be in bed/asleep on time in order for me to get up in time in the morning. I was so thankful for that!  
  • I hated not having a 'camera' on me at all times. Usually I like to snap pretty things. I like to snap when I'm out with Mum, or going to Dad's house for the day. 
  • I wasted a lot less time. Before I would be aimlessly scrolling down instagram and pinterest. I got more stuff done without that.
That is it. I would try and have some days without my phone, but let's face it. That's not going to happen! Maybe I'll have afternoons where I'll leave it in a drawer. That would be good.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Today, I am happy.


I am happy. Want to know why, do ya? Do ya? Do ya? 

I'll stop being annoying now.. Too much chocolate. Soz. Here is the list. 
  • Yesterday, my little brother was baptised. It was such an emotional day, and Mum and I blubbed all the way through the event. To see how God has worked in his life was incredible. 
  • Yesterday we went to the worst American Style diner in the wooooorld. The table was dirty, the burger bread was stale, and the burger didn't even come with chips.. Just on a small plate! Haha! So funny to look back on, though.
  •  Today we went shopping, and I got one new black jeans. My old ones had ripped at the bum (awkward) so new ones were desperately needed! 
  • I had a subway for lunch. How underrated is subway?! I think everyone should appreciate it more. Even me.
  • Mum and I are going out for dinner tonight, just the two of us. Having so may siblings, I don't get all of her attention for long, so it's nice to have her all to myself for a bit! 
  • Tomorrow, I am seeing Dad. That will be good. We'll talk about his wedding plans, and eat flatbread, I'm sure.
  • Found out today the older brother and sis-in-law will come to stay for a day or two. It will be so good to have all the family together for a bit. Having such a big family, this is a rarity! Whatever happens, we MUST NOT have a monopoly night. It always ends up with the sis owning the whole board, and everyone else bankrupt and bored!
  • And as I'm in the ol' hometown for a week; I'm seeing friends I haven't seen for a while, including the bestie. SO excited to see her.

I might be high off chocolate, or maybe I'm just amazed at how incredible God is. Whatever it is, at this moment in time, I'm happpy!