Sunday, 31 May 2015

Almost there....

Dear diary, 

I am in the library, and I should probably be revising but the boyf keeps reminding me that I haven't done a post in over a month.. Ooooopsie. 

I miss writing here, but I haven't had the time. 2nd year of uni is definitely the hardest, and as I'm doing a joint honours - it makes it even more work! I have been so busy, being stressed, writing papers, singing songs, writing more papers, being a demon possessed bride.... (will explain in the next post!)

So, I am well, just crawling through the last part of this academic year. I only really posted on here because I just wanted an excuse to show off my new fire hair. So here it is. My last exam is on Monday, so we shall speak, and have a propper catchup, then. I have so many photos ready and waiting!!

So closeeeee!