Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Jottings of Love #2

Helllloooooo! I haven't been writing much, sorry for that. I WILL get back into it. Promiseeee! 

Let's start with this month's loves! I actually cannie believe that tomorrow is July! ALREADY! It's so cray!  

June has been a month full of food.  And I love food.  The reason this month has been so devoted to food is because at uni I was catered for, so they decided what I was having each meal time and at what time.  I always hated that, so when I came home at the beginning of this month, I had my 'food freedom' back and whoah mumma I'm using it to the best of my advantage. Stand back everyone.

You'll notice that most of them are fruit. That's cos it's SUMMMERRRRR!!!☼ (And also cos I'm a badass).

This was breakfast one morning. Strawberries, blueberries, a nectarine and a bananananana.

Pancakes one morning with my Jono.  Never let it be said that I don't like pancakes. Cos I bloomin' well do. And the more toppings the better.  This particular morning there was nutella, peanut butter, strawberry shortcake frozen yogurt, strawberries, blueberries and dessicated coconut.

This was a cake Jono and I made.  It was a beautiful disaster.  "It's because it looks like someone has thrown up on it!!" I hear you say. Well no. That wasn't even the bad part. 

When Jon and I get together to 'bake' something, it always ends up as a disaster. A hilarious disaster. I've burnt my finger, there has been burning food, then there was that one time when we served something to my family, and said: "there'll be floating bits in it. Don't worry about that, we just couldn't find a sieve. Just fish them out." God bless my fam, cos they still ate it.

Well anyway, in this fiasco, we decided that less definitely wasn't more. More is more. And so we stuck ALL OF THE CHOCOLATE on top of the cake, and then stuck it back into the oven to melt it all over the top. That, although made it look like vomit, actually was the best part. The worst part was the fact that we got a weird kind of half sweetner, half sugar. That made the whole cake taste weeeeeeeird. I ended up eating the topping and then giving the rest to my younger brother, who will eat anything, anytime, anywhere. 

Happiness all round.

That is it for me faves this week, I thought. There's a lot of writing, so soz about that. Hope your June was filled with good food, and fun cake disasters. Cos it'd be boring and not a fun story at all if they always came out brilliant. I'd feel sorry for you then.

Until next time suckerssss,


Sunday, 14 June 2015

Backwards and forwards: home for a week!

Top L-R : Zac being a cutie snuggled up watching HSM1 while I sorted out washing, and my super cleeeeeean desk!
Bottom L-R : My wardrobe all cleared out and only consisting of clothes I wear on a regular basis, and a selfie. That one's quite self explanatory. It's a picture, and it's of my face.

So, I have been living back at Mum's while it's summer and my 2nd year of uni is over. I've only been back a week, and yet it feels like soooo much more! Sometimes I feel more free living here, and sometimes I feel like I need to get out because I'm suffocating. Is that weird? Probably.

I'm hoping to get into more of a routine now I've got nothing to do. So hopefully there'll be a 'Backwards and Forwards' every week. I know, I know, I always say that but REALLY, I'll try this time, pinky promise. 

Backwards: After unpacking all of my stuff, I have had a proper declutter of everythingggggggg. It's taken all week, but now all my drawers are cleared, and there is used/crap makeup in the bin, and clothes in the bags to take to the charity shop. I also used this time to binge-watch the TV show 'Smash'. If you are into musical theatre in any way, WATCH THIS. You won't regret it. Seriously.

Forwards: Jono is coming for half the week, and I'm so excited. It was our 1.6 anniversary yesterday, and that makes me happz. We will binge watch One Tree Hill, make cake and no doubt get up to other stupid adventures that only we would do.


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Last day of second year!


Dear diary,

It's Wednesday! And in Monday's post I said we'd have a catch up on Wednesday. So here it is. 

I defo feel a little strange blogging again, kinda cos I got out the habit of doing it because of uni work and stuff, so this defo feels weird! But anyway, back to the post.

I have finished. It's been a roller-coaster, and I've definitely been pushed, pulled and stretched in ways I never thought possible. I did seven lots of 3,000 word papers in three months, I did a presentation, I choreographed a three minute dance, I played a demon possessed bride, I did Shakespeare and actually enjoyed it (shock horror!), and I became comfortable with the grades I got.  Last year that was a definite struggle- not to put myself down because of a grade I wasn't happy with. But this year was the first time I failed a paper, and I wasn't even sad. I got back up again, and said "oh well, better luck next time", and I'm so proud of myself because of that.

This year has been the best year of my life, so far and I'm now excited for 3 months of looking after my brothers and doing nothing.

I think I'm going to do a summer bucketlist. And watch many episodes of friends. Yeah. It's gunna be greatttt!


Monday, 1 June 2015

Jottings of Love #1

Dear diary,

It's the first of June, which not only means we're halfway through 2015, but it also means that I've finished my second year of uni! My last exam was this morning and I'm so happy! This was definitely the hardest year of my life but I'm so glad I got through it! Wooo!

To celebrate, here're my five different love's for this month, and then on Wednesday we'll catch up about uni stuff, ok? Ok.

Coming back to this after going on a walk with Jon, and picking flowers (oooh how middle class!). My roomie is the actual best.


Seeing this teeny pair of footie shoes waiting by the back door at Mum's. I've been going through super old photos and videos from when Zac was 2, and while it breaks my heart that he's gotten so big, I know he's still a litteley and I've gotta cherish that for now!

I took this photo of him, and I think it captures his cheeky self perfectly.

I dyed my hair pink again, but this time a pastel pink. It was only semi permanent so only lasted 3-4 weeks, but I loved being this colour again! 

I went into town with a few girlies, and we went to get cocktails. We didn't like the look of the pub we went into, so went into a beautifully quaint tea room instead. I had a SAVOURY scone. It was the bestest thing ever. Cheese and spinich. It was 3 weeks ago, and I still keep daydreaming about it!

It's been busy, but oh my, May has been a gooden.