Monday, 1 June 2015

Jottings of Love #1

Dear diary,

It's the first of June, which not only means we're halfway through 2015, but it also means that I've finished my second year of uni! My last exam was this morning and I'm so happy! This was definitely the hardest year of my life but I'm so glad I got through it! Wooo!

To celebrate, here're my five different love's for this month, and then on Wednesday we'll catch up about uni stuff, ok? Ok.

Coming back to this after going on a walk with Jon, and picking flowers (oooh how middle class!). My roomie is the actual best.


Seeing this teeny pair of footie shoes waiting by the back door at Mum's. I've been going through super old photos and videos from when Zac was 2, and while it breaks my heart that he's gotten so big, I know he's still a litteley and I've gotta cherish that for now!

I took this photo of him, and I think it captures his cheeky self perfectly.

I dyed my hair pink again, but this time a pastel pink. It was only semi permanent so only lasted 3-4 weeks, but I loved being this colour again! 

I went into town with a few girlies, and we went to get cocktails. We didn't like the look of the pub we went into, so went into a beautifully quaint tea room instead. I had a SAVOURY scone. It was the bestest thing ever. Cheese and spinich. It was 3 weeks ago, and I still keep daydreaming about it!

It's been busy, but oh my, May has been a gooden.


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