Tuesday, 28 July 2015



I got given these biscuits as a present a few months ago.. I just forgot to document it. This was a present that I loved, and it didn't cost much, but the thought and love that went into these little biscuits were what I loved the most, and they put a smile on my face.

I think you should get your friend a present. Just to say, "I was thinking of you, and I am thankful for your friendship". I think we forget to appreciate people, and we forget to let them know they're loved. Do that, today.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Bedtime Stories.

When I was 15 and this curly haired cutie was 3, our parents split up. Because Mum was working at the time, I babysat a lot and so I used to put him to bed almost every night. I enjoyed those times, because we would squeeze into his bed, hold hands and do the cold bed dance à la Miranda Hart (here, if you have no idea what I'm on about. It starts at 1:10. You're welcome.), and then we would read either a Dr. Seuss book, or one of the two books below.

He's now 8 and I don't have to put him to bed. I just went upstairs and he was reading a book by himself. I'm sad that I won't have to read him a bedtime story anymore now, but I'm thankful that he'll have those memories when he's even bigger than he is now.


Thursday, 16 July 2015

Monday 13th July.


Lastly, Monday was Mum's birthday! It was a low key day: she went to work as usual, the boys and I made her a 'fruit-salad-cake' which consisted of strawberries, melon and grapes (when you're Mum doesn't like cake, you have to be inventive!). Then, once the boys had gone to bed, as they had school the next day, Mum and I drank pink sparkly wine, and ate prawns and breaded seabass, whilst watching our favourite bollywood film; Om Shanti Om.

Happy birthday Mumma!


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Saturday 11th July.


So Saturday was my Dad's wedding day! It was suuuuch a busy day. We were at the church at 8, and helped decorate until 12:00. We left then, and had one hour and a half to get five adults all dressed up. It was hectic, but we did it, and we were all looking glamorous and ready to go at 1:30. 

It was such a beautiful wedding, and it fitted them perfectly. We got back early - for a wedding - 8pm, and then because we'd left the house in a hurry, we were cleaning and scrubbing till 10pm. All in all though, great day and I'm praying Dad and Tracey have all the happiness in the world. 


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Friday 10th July.


Here begins post number one of three. On this happy Friday I managed to wash all the sheets of two single and two double beds, and managed to keep all 10 acrylic nails still attached (miracle). I also managed to hoover and clean two bathrooms, and still get out the house by 2pm see Zac do a dance at his school. He was a dancing car mechanic, in fact (pic above).

Then, the boyf, the two oldest brothers and sister in law came, and we had a BBQ, spent ages in tesco getting craft stuff, painted bottles, and made white-cone-things out of paper which actually looked incredible! Pictures tomorrow! 

See you tomorrow!


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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Cheese Board & Bestie.

Don't ya just blooming love cheese? I know I do. A few months back, the bestie and I visited a quaint café in the backstreets of our hometown centre for a spot of brunch. It was French themed (which is a win for her) and had a cheese board on the menu (a win for me). We knew it was technically breakfast, but eff it. Let's eat our weight cheese and bread. After all, there's fruit in the chutney, right?

We ate so much bread that we had to ask for more. That's what I call sticking it to the man! ;)

It was so good, and I'm excited to do it again sometime sooon!