Wednesday, 12 August 2015

I'm 21!


Hello hello and good morning! I haven't updated anything over here for a while, have I?! I've been so busy, yet I feel like I haven't done anything! Ah well.. let me fill you in on a few things.... I turned 21! I feel like year number 20 has gone super fast, but it has defo been one of the best. 21 is cray because I'm like actually in my twenties now.. I'm a real grown up! It's strange because in my mind I feel exactly the same way as I did when I was 15! Mum says that never changes, and she's 5000000 years old, so she must be right!

On my actual birthday, we visited my brothers in Swansea and ate millllions of food. It was brillllopants (I promise, to never say that again).

Swansea is so beautiful. I wanna live there, and explore the sea alllll the tiiiiime. I love Britain so much. 

And that's it. Here are some photos - and I won't promise to write more, cos I never actually do.. But I have missed this, so I hope I will write moooooore!

Love you byeeeeeeeeee



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