Thursday, 22 December 2016


I graduated. Crazy.

I think the craziest thing is that I only started this blog to remember bits and bobs and record my uni journey, and now it's over. So glad I decided to do that - hi5 past-Lavinia! It's not over for the blogging parts of my life stuff - that's defo still happening girrrrrll!

Uni was THE best experience of my life, but was also one of the hardest. It literally felt like I was crawling up a mountain most of the time, but I defo wouldn't have changed it for the world, as it changed me so much. 

So. Jon and I graduated. We're graduates. And that's so cool. 


Saturday, 17 December 2016


Our honeymoon has been amazing. We decided to not go too far - instead staying at a spa 10 minutes down the road from where we live. 

The first night we slept till lunchtime, then went out for a late lunch (where I spilt an entire cup of cranberry juice on our garlic bread😱), got back and slept for another hour and a half. Then we went to jon's mum's as he'd left his suitcase there with all his clothes in πŸ˜‚. We stayed there and opened some wedding presents - so overwhelmed by the generosity of the people around us. 

The second day we went to the spa and felt sooo out of place. We were the Lorelies in a hotel full of Emily and Richard Gilmores! We embraced it though and I had an amazing trout fillet for dinner, Jon had steak. And I know I'm a veggie and I would never eat it, but his steak smelt great! 

The third day we decided to check out the spa. We went swimming, used the hot tub, sauna an steam room. I also spilt a cup of water everywhere (it's becoming a very bad habit of mine πŸ˜‚). We also booked massages for the next day and then went out, ate a Subway and got some board games. We know how to partay! πŸ˜‰ We had dinner at the hotel again. Jon had the same and I went for the veggie option. It was something I couldn't pronounce (a provenΓ§al vegetable pithivier) and I wasn't the biggest fan of it. Going out for dinner tomorrow it is then! πŸ˜‰ 

The fourth day we had breakfast and got our massages. I was sooo relaxed after mine! 45 minutes felt like 5! And we got a smoothie before and raspberry sorbet after. Jon was also buzzing after his because the masseuse told him he needed to have frequent massages because of the knots in his back. That's gunna be an expensive habit! πŸ˜‰ We then used the spa and then played lots of board games before going out for dinner. 

The fifth day was hometime 😟. We stopped off at Jon's parents house and ate lunch there, and opened the rest of our wedding presents. We then left and went back home, back to reality, but not before getting nandos for dinner! πŸ˜‰ 


Saturday, 10 December 2016

We got married!!!!

So, it looks like number 13 on my bucket list can be ticked off!! Me and my Jonno tied the freaking knot! 

So, we've been married just over a month now, and I can already tell you that it's the best decision I've ever made. Ever. But enough of that, let me tell you about our day.

So the night before, Mum, her fiance, his kids (who are about my age), and my little bro (18), went to have a few drinks at beefeater, as, y'know, it was a special occasion. My mum went up to the bar, and asked, "right, what is your most 'out there' drink?!" to which the barmaid was like, "huh?" Mum replied with, "well, she's getting married in the morning, so we need a good one." The barmaid continued to make me a woowoo. There was also a very drunk man who asked me, "are you actually getting married?!" and when I said yes, and he asked me why, I replied, "because I've found a guy, who is great."

We left the bar at 12, and my brother and sis-in-law came round so my sis could do the finishing touches to my dress (which she actually made with her actual hands, like what the heck), and we were in the hotel room till about half 2 am, me standing in the dress, and her cutting bits off and sewing bits on. 

It took me ages to sleep that night, and when I woke up in the morning, I couldn't get back to sleep!

My bridesmaids cam round about 9ish, and we started to get ready! Mum and I got into the car that was to take us to the church on time, but the driver's satnav broke. Cue to us arriving at the church 25 minutes late... Oops!

Apart from that the day went really smoothly (except the reception venue giving us vegetarians completely different food Jon and I had picked - but they reimbursed us for that, so that's good!), and I enjoyed every single second of it. It honestly was the best day of my life and I was so overwhelmed by the generosity and love of our family and friends. It was amazing. 

Now I'm going to bombard you with way too many photos. Enjoy. 


Thursday, 27 October 2016

When The Message at Church is Spot on!

These past two week have been particularly hard. I got some bad news last week, and with the wedding on top of that, I got a bit stressed to say the least. I was worrying about EVERYTHING. And the worry turned to panic, and the panic turned to breakdowns.

I went to church and the message was SO spot on. It was about prayer, and I realised, I had been crying, I had been talking, I had been worrying, but I hadn't been praying. I hadn't been putting God first, and giving my worries with him. 

He wasn't ignoring me, I was ignoring him.

So.. at the end of the preach, the preacher gave three rules for the next week.
  1. start the day deciding to trust God. Get ahead of worry by declaring trust. He is who he is and he will do what he says he will do.
  2. choose to live in the peace of today, and not the worry of tomorrow.
  3. when worry arrives and knocks at your door (because it WILL turn up, unexpected), remember all that God has done and what he will do. 
So, this week, I'm not going to worry, and when I start, I'm going to stop and give it to God. 

Monday, 24 October 2016

Hen do!

Three weeks ago was my hen do! We went to go ape in the morning and climbed some trees, and in the evening we had a cocktail making session. I absolutely LOVED it, had so much fun, and I felt so loved. They had all made it so me; they know me so well. 

They made it so special, even to the point where the sash's had quotes from different musicals on, and they were all wearing something sparkly for the evening! 

You always need incredible girls round you, and I'm so thankful I do!

Bring on the wedding!!!!

Saturday, 22 October 2016

The countdown is on!

Today marks exactly a week before I get to marry my favourite person in the whole wide world, and I could not be happier about it.

Life with him is SO much fun, and I know it's only going to get better as we get older. He's my rock and I'm so excited for this adventure.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Struggling in the Seasons

I'm not going to lie, this season of life is a struggle.

I'm struggling to adapt to having a job that's monotonus, and not what I want to do. I'm struggling in the house I'm living in because it's freezing ALL the time and I have messy housemates. I'm struggling with the fact that Jonno works evenings and so I spend my evenings bored, on my own, watching crap on the TV.

I know it's just a season, but it's a difficult season that I'm really struggling in, and I know that the only way to combat it is to:
A, focus on where I want to be and what I want to be doing and try to get step by step closer to that and 
B, focus on the little things that make life happy, like today..

  • I went to asda and a little boy ran into me. His dad rolled his eyes at him and laugh-apologised to me. I laughed back and said I didn't mind. It was a nice interaction.
  • I went for a walk in the park amongst orange leaves and green grass. I love the outdoors.
  • I bought a candle and hot chocolate (and squirty cream, because can ya really have hot chocolate without it?!). And the hot chocolate hit a spot that needed to be hit.
  • I have a great fiance, who is just great, and he's so patient and he's always there with hugs when I need.

It's focusing on the little things, that's how I'm going to get through this season. 

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Mary Berry's Jaffa Cakes

I know you're all realllly realllly wondering, so I'll put you out of your misery.. I DID manage to unpack all my things! Phewwwwww! 

Anyway.. So I never really saw the hype with Great British Bake Off, but some of the girls I was living with last year watched it, and so I got into it last year, and now I'm a changed woman. I've been watching every single episode, and sometimes even 'an extra slice' on a Friday. I know, I know, I know, I'm like a crayzee baking lady! 

So ever since the first episode of this series when they made incredible jaffa cakes in the technical challenge, I've really wanted to make my own. 

Now. I know these 'jaffa cakes' really actually look like feces, but I promise they actually taste good! I've always said I wasn't the best at baking, and I know this picture really isn't convincing anyone otherwise, but they honestly weren't too bad! 

Maybe I should stick to singing and cooking ;)

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Still Unpacking

It's been four days since we moved and my room still looks like this. Blergh!

I mean, it's way better than it was, but all this clutter is stressing me owwwwwt! I suppose, having a meeting the day after you move, running much needed errands (like getting a toilet bin and a toaster) on the second day and starting a new job on the third day is not the world's greatest idea once you've just moved. Ah well, that's a top tip for next time!

Monday, 15 August 2016

Pub Crawwwwl

My friend Rosie and I decided to go on a pub crawl in the teeny tiny town we live. It was impromptu and we had no idea where we would go, but we knew that as we won't live here for much longer, it might be a good idea to try out all the pubs and bars we hadn't been to. 

I mean, we ended up going to 4 places, 3 of which we had been to already, but that's not the point! 

The point is that I had SO much fun. We chatted all night, put the world to right and had a flipping damn laugh! 

We also walked over the hill back home at like 1am which I would have been petrified about had I had no drink whatsoever, but I really loved it and it was beautiful. 

Friday, 5 August 2016

Feelin' 22


So, as of two days ago, I am now 22! It literally feels the same as being 21, but there you go. Why do I always expect to feel a little different, even though 20 odd years of experience will tell me 'ur, it'll just feel exactly the same'. 

Humans are weird, aren't we?! 

Anyway, so my birthday was lovely, I had lunch with my boy, watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes whilst making origami flowers for our wedding, and then a few friends set up the theatre so we could drink tea, eat popcorn, and watch my fave film, When Harry Met Sally. It was so great and I loved it. They know me so well :)

So, as it's my 22nd year of life on this earth, I thought I'd make some resolutions. 

So, here they are...
  1. Read a whole lot more, and spend the time you use endlessly scrolling down social media to feed your brain with different worlds. 
  2. STOP PROCRASTINATING. I read a quote today that said (s'cuse the swear) "Just fucking get up and do it". It's very aggressive, but I defo needed it. Sometimes I should just get up and do it, stop being a damn pansy ;)
  3. Wake up at the same time every day. It'll get SO much easier as time goes by. Promise!! 

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Mama Maria.

Today is my beautiful Nanna's funeral. I know today will be SO hard, but I am glad she is in a better place. 

Nan had such a beautiful character. She was always laughing and she treid her harest to always make others laugh. She enjoyed singing (even though she wasn't the best at it!! She never let that stop her!). She was married to my Granddad for 53 years, and loved him so deeply. She never cared about what others may have thought about her and her family was her absolute world. 

She was incredible at gardening and could grow absolutely anything. She was a wonderfully creative seamstress and would always alter clothing to how she felt she wanted it. She would always give me presents; not the kind that you buy however, the kind that she would have taken time to create by hand, or collect. The presents that you know have taken so much love and time to create. 

She was such a happy lady, and I am so honoured to have been her granddaughter. 

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Jottings of Love #5

Ok, ok, I know it's Tuesday and I said that I would try to do these every Sunday, but I'm trying. Ok?

Now we've got that out the way...

This weeks things I loved.

  • Going back home to go wedding dress shopping with my Mum and sis-in-law
  • It was so precious because both Mum and I were trying on dresses for Mum's wedding next year, and mine this year
  • Seeing Mum in a BEAUTIFUL dress
  • Picking a dress I love. It's nothing like I thought I would like, but it's the dress of my dreams. Honestly.
  • I should have probably written a different post on this day haha, I've got so much I loved about it.
  • the beautifully hot weather we've had this week. I felt like I was in Greece.
  • O's birthday. 14! We went to an all you can eat buffet and it was great. Quote of that day was Isaac's; "Leelaaaaaaaahhhhh! You told me it was salad! IT'S GARLIC STICKS!!" He hated them, it was hilarious.
  • Getting a smoothie from Pret for the train ride home. So refreshing in this heat. 
  • Making origami flowers for my bouquet. They're starting to look beauttttiful! 
  • Eating granola, fruit and yogurt for breakfast in the morning. Makes me feel like it's alll summerrryyy

That's it!! See you on Sunday... Possibly.


Sunday, 17 July 2016

Jottings of Love #4

I know I've been pretty laid back on this thing for the past year or so. It's really quite annoying because I SO want to be more active and write more, but now I've gotten out if the habit of coming over here to write my thoughts and feelings and so it makes it harder.

This is why I'm going to try (try, being the optimum word) to do a 'jottings of love' every week. I'm going to try to make a note of what I've loved this week. And I'm going to stick to it, damn it!!!

So this week. Here goes.

  • Going for my wedding menu tasting session with Jonno. Good food, good company. What more could you ask for?! Side note: the chocolate tarte was in.cred.i.ble. Seriously. 
  • Having a pink breakfast on Tuesday. I don't think you can EVER go wrong with a cuppa and a pink breakfast. Never.
  • Going home to surprise Mum on her 53rd birthday because I knew she wouldn't have wanted to do much because of Nan going to be with Jesus last week. She was delighted when Jon and I showed up in her kitchen, and when we left she said we 'made her birthday'. Mission accomplished. Also, Jon is incredible for driving me all that way because he knew it would make me happy. What a guy. 
  • Seeing the hill on the drive up and being overwhelmed with how pretty it is. Like I see it all the time, but at that moment, I was thankful that I live in SUCH a pretty place. 
  • Going for our first house viewing with Jon and Rosie! It didn't work out, but I feel all grown up and excited looking at houses I might live in! 
  • Making vegan spring rolls. Rosie said that it was one of my "cooking triumphs" and I am very pleased with that. Recipe here.
  • Doing so much wedding planning yesterday morning! Got soooo much done, and I'm feeling a lot less overwhelmed! 
  • Going to watch a play about missionary Elisabeth Elliot. It was emotional, but beautifully written.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Past Week

WARNING: This may be a very depressing post. It may go on for ages. It might also be very uplifting and short. I don't know, you'll just have to find out.

So.. My beautiful Nanna died yesterday. 

She had a stroke on Wednesday 29th June, which pretty much killed what was left of her brain (she already had had vascular dementia which is caused by a series of little strokes), and I went to visit her and my Granddad on Friday the 1st July. I stayed at the Nursing Home she was in for 5 days, and was by her side, along with my Mum and Granddad when she went to be with Jesus peacefully at 6:45 am on Wednesday 6th July.

There are a few things I always want to remember about this past week. It has been the hardest week of my life, but there were some funny moments too. It was the kind of send off my Nan would have loved. 

  • The way my Granddad kept trying to wake her up just broke my heart.
  • When one of the nurses came in to turn her over and said to her "I miss your singing Maria"
  • How we were told SO many times that she only had a few hours to live, and she kept going. And strongly at that. Classic Nanna.
  • How there was a beautiful dog named Crispin who was (I'm pretty sure) a red Japanese chin. Every time you went to stroke him, he'd lay on his back so you could stroke his front. He was such a patient, calm little thing.
  • When the funeral directors came (BEFORE the doctor had come to pronounce her dead, may I add), and they looked absolutely ridiculous. One was wearing flipping sunglasses, for goodness sake.
  • Grandad stroking her hair and holding her hand. He really loved her. 
  • Reading through Nan's notes that the nursing home staff had taken, of the points where it said she sang very loudly, or when it said that she liked to be facing Granddad, and when they tried to turn her she would shout at them.
  • The fact that Mum and I didn't shower for literally a week because we didn't want to leave the room in case Nan went. 
  • We drank SO MUCH TEA. Like I literally went for a wee like 15 times in a day. NOT even exaggerating.
  • After she died, Mum and I went shopping and I picked out the brightest top I could find. Nan would have loved it. 
  • Laughing hysterically at the thought of Nan flying past my Auntie's window after her passing
  • Every time the nurses came to give Nan mouth care (to keep the mouth wet because she wasn't having any liquids), she would bite down on the glycerin swab sticks
  • A really lovely nurse called Josie, who was Filipino and she kept coming in, telling us stories of Nan, and asking if we wanted any food. 
  • A lovely nurse called Desi, who almost made my Granddad cry when she gave him a hug after Nan had gone. 
  • All the nurses at the home really. They were so lovely, they loved my Nanna and I know she was SO well looked after in the last few years of her life.
  • Grandad playing Fanny Crosby hymns, Johnny Cash and Darlene Zschech SUPER loudly because his hearing isn't the best.
  • Mum and I taking it in shifts to watch over Nan at night so Granddad wouldn't be worried and could sleep through the night. 
  • When I was watching over Nan at 4am and I was SO tired from literally having about 12 hours sleep over the four days combined, and I prayed out to God, and said "God I can't do this anymore!" and he said "this too shall pass" and I said, "but when?!" and he said "Wednesday". She died Wednesday morning at 6:30.
  • My favourite moment, however, was when I felt like God was telling me to sing after we had thought that she was going to die and I didn't want to. He kept telling me again and again, and I sang one of Nan's favourites, and Mum and Grandad joined in, and we were crying and singing all around Nan. She would have loved it.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


I've had SO much fun these last three years. Honestly: best three years of my life, and I've loved every second. I've made so many incredible friends, grown so much, and even found a guy who I wanna spend forever with. 

I don't even quite know how to process the fact that it's come to an end, but all I know for sure, is that, in true High School Musical style: it's the start of something new...

Saturday, 11 June 2016

This is A Reminder!

I was really ill, and I was fed up. I had a cold, and I was halfway through my last ever paper as a student. I wanted to leave the library and snuggle up with a blanket and a chick flick; preferably When Harry Met Sally (I flipping love that film).

Then, my friends decided to go, build a bonfire and have a BBQ at like 9pm. I didn't want to. I was ill. I was too ill for socialising. I was too ill for BBQ's. I was too ill to be out in the dark.

I decided to go anyway.

I loved it.

I had so much fun. I laughed. I drank. I ate burgers with more soot on them than actual burger. It was so much fun, and after feeling crappy all day, for the few hours I was with my friends -I forgot I was ill. I forgot I was stressed, and I had SO much fun.

This is a reminder: ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, say yes to hanging out with good friends.

Monday, 9 May 2016


I'm sitting watching Bugsy Malone before I'm supposed to be at rehearsal. I've just eaten a lot of salad and pitta bread, and I'm happy.

Sometimes I think we forget to be happy in the moment. This last week, I've spent running around like a madwoman trying to help get all the stuff sorted for our end of year production next week, and I forgot to take the time to thank God for how far I've come in this degree. I've forgotten to thank God for the fact that I've got to work with some of my favourite people in getting this production from just an idea in our heads to something that is alive and real - something we're proud of.

It's almost the end of this amazing degree journey and I'm going to try to live in the moment. I'm going to try to be happy for now, instead of worrying about next week. Now is the only time I have to be alive.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Bridesmaid's First Meeting!

Last weekend, was the weekend my bridesmaids all met. My bridesmaids consist of 6 people. 3 are my closest friends who I went to school with, 2 are my closest friends at uni, and my maid of honour is my bestie of 10 years who I met at church. Because they're from allll of different times in my life, they hadn't all met until last weekend. I was so nervous for them all to meet and get along, and to top it off 3 of them hadn't even met Jonno!! 

I suppose that's what happens when you move away! 

So anyway, my bestie was the only one who had actually met everyone (except from me, obvs) and she stayed a few nights just so we could catch up before the big meet! 

It was so lovely, and she brought me pink flowers and strawberry doughnuts (she defo knows the way to my heart) and we drank tea and caught up on alllllll the stuff we had missed out on. Long distance besties are the best, aren't they?! 

So after all that fun, the bridesmaids from home came up, they met everyone and we went to the pub. I have no idea what I was so worried about, because it was so much fun, and I LOVED the fact that all of my closest friends were in the same room, drinking wine and eating chips, all because they love me. There's something so special about that. 

That night, a few of them went home, and the rest of us watched Bride Wars, and then When Harry Met Sally (I watch that film alllll the time, it's actually become a bit of a running joke between the flatmates. Can't stop, won't stop).

Anyway, we got a random dog walker to take a picture on the walk back from the pub, and I'm now so excited for more meetings with my besties! 

Friends are the best!