Tuesday, 19 January 2016

We're Getting Married!


Just a little thing to report on here..... Jono fricking proposed! We're so happy, and I'm super excited to start wedding planning with him. This is gunna be fun! But anyway... The story. Here goes...

So it was date night. Jon  decided for this date night to do a treasure hunt. He told me that he'd taken something of mine, and the treasure hunt was to find the clues to get back what had been taken. I thought nothing of it.

So we were going round finding all these clues that Jon had hidden earlier and they took us to lots of different place. He also insisted on taking a photo of each time I found a clue. I still thought nothing of it.

When I got to the eighth clue, I then found the eighth clue and it led us to a room that was filled with fairy lights and STILL I THOUGHT NOTHING OF IT. What the heck is wrong with me?!

It was only when I looked in the middle of the room and saw the little black box on a table in the middle of the room that I realised. He had also told his friend to hide in the corner of the room with his phone to take pictures of the whole thing as well. He's so sneaky!

So in a very brief nutshell, that is the story!! Good good.