Saturday, 2 April 2016

Bridesmaid's First Meeting!

Last weekend, was the weekend my bridesmaids all met. My bridesmaids consist of 6 people. 3 are my closest friends who I went to school with, 2 are my closest friends at uni, and my maid of honour is my bestie of 10 years who I met at church. Because they're from allll of different times in my life, they hadn't all met until last weekend. I was so nervous for them all to meet and get along, and to top it off 3 of them hadn't even met Jonno!! 

I suppose that's what happens when you move away! 

So anyway, my bestie was the only one who had actually met everyone (except from me, obvs) and she stayed a few nights just so we could catch up before the big meet! 

It was so lovely, and she brought me pink flowers and strawberry doughnuts (she defo knows the way to my heart) and we drank tea and caught up on alllllll the stuff we had missed out on. Long distance besties are the best, aren't they?! 

So after all that fun, the bridesmaids from home came up, they met everyone and we went to the pub. I have no idea what I was so worried about, because it was so much fun, and I LOVED the fact that all of my closest friends were in the same room, drinking wine and eating chips, all because they love me. There's something so special about that. 

That night, a few of them went home, and the rest of us watched Bride Wars, and then When Harry Met Sally (I watch that film alllll the time, it's actually become a bit of a running joke between the flatmates. Can't stop, won't stop).

Anyway, we got a random dog walker to take a picture on the walk back from the pub, and I'm now so excited for more meetings with my besties! 

Friends are the best!