Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Jottings of Love #5

Ok, ok, I know it's Tuesday and I said that I would try to do these every Sunday, but I'm trying. Ok?

Now we've got that out the way...

This weeks things I loved.

  • Going back home to go wedding dress shopping with my Mum and sis-in-law
  • It was so precious because both Mum and I were trying on dresses for Mum's wedding next year, and mine this year
  • Seeing Mum in a BEAUTIFUL dress
  • Picking a dress I love. It's nothing like I thought I would like, but it's the dress of my dreams. Honestly.
  • I should have probably written a different post on this day haha, I've got so much I loved about it.
  • the beautifully hot weather we've had this week. I felt like I was in Greece.
  • O's birthday. 14! We went to an all you can eat buffet and it was great. Quote of that day was Isaac's; "Leelaaaaaaaahhhhh! You told me it was salad! IT'S GARLIC STICKS!!" He hated them, it was hilarious.
  • Getting a smoothie from Pret for the train ride home. So refreshing in this heat. 
  • Making origami flowers for my bouquet. They're starting to look beauttttiful! 
  • Eating granola, fruit and yogurt for breakfast in the morning. Makes me feel like it's alll summerrryyy

That's it!! See you on Sunday... Possibly.


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