Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Mama Maria.

Today is my beautiful Nanna's funeral. I know today will be SO hard, but I am glad she is in a better place. 

Nan had such a beautiful character. She was always laughing and she treid her harest to always make others laugh. She enjoyed singing (even though she wasn't the best at it!! She never let that stop her!). She was married to my Granddad for 53 years, and loved him so deeply. She never cared about what others may have thought about her and her family was her absolute world. 

She was incredible at gardening and could grow absolutely anything. She was a wonderfully creative seamstress and would always alter clothing to how she felt she wanted it. She would always give me presents; not the kind that you buy however, the kind that she would have taken time to create by hand, or collect. The presents that you know have taken so much love and time to create. 

She was such a happy lady, and I am so honoured to have been her granddaughter. 

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