Wednesday, 8 February 2017

London for Work

7:30: So. I'm sitting on a train.  It's half 7 and I've been up since 6 even though I had rehearsal till midnight last night. I'm on my way to London to go to somewhere for work, although I have no idea what it is. All I have is a postcode. I've never been to London by myself before, and the last time I came was two years ago. This could be interesting. Feeling a little tired and anxious to say the least... 
11:04: I got to the place where I needed to be 40 minutes early, signed in and told the receptionist that I knew I was ridiculously early so I didn't mind waiting. I waited for 20 minutes until the receptionist came and found me and said "hey, I'm really sorry but the event's been cancelled. We sent your manager an email on Monday to let everyone know" 

So now I'm in London with nothing to do. It feels a waste to go straight home but I don't know what I want to do. 

11:07: So I was on the tube ready to go home, and the lady on the the tube just said, "Change here for the museum of London" Sure, why not! I hope it's free!

11:09: Just got beeped at and almost killed by a motorbike cos I didn't look before I crossed the road. I forgot the crayzee roads of London.

11:04: Yes!! It's free!

11:20: Stuck in the museum of London. Literally no idea how to get out. There're so many primary school children. 

11:29: There were so many children and so much information it was hard to concentrate, so I'm off to the national gallery. 

11:37: My phone crashed. Twice.

12:07: Entered the national gallery.

13:03: I've just left, inspired by creativity and now I'm going home.

13:11: I tripped. Awkward.

13:32: Tripped again. This time up the stairs in the underground, I almost landed on two ladies and one gasped. Very awkward. 

13:55: Tripped up the escalator in Paddington station. This is getting ridiculous now.

14:10: Got a coffee before boarding the train back home. 

14:16: Walked into a closing door on the train, making quite a loud bang noise. I just carried one as if nothing had happened...

16:44: Got off the train, and now going home. 

That was a wierd day, but I learnt that I'm a badass who can do London and the tubes, even if I trip up a lot. 


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