Sunday, 18 April 2021

Thoughts in my head.

Sorry about the photo spam of my daughter. To be honest, I literally don't take pictures of anything else anymore! I saw a meme that said "the last picture taken of me and my spouse was 3 years ago, the last picture taken of my child was an hour ago," and I felt judged haha! It's literally me.  

Anywayyyy, I hate that I always leave it so long to write on here. I think I put it off because I feel I have nothing to say and then when I come to write it all comes tumbling out. I need to just open my laptop and open blogger a little more, I think. Maybe I shall force myself to write every week for the month of May, even if it means posts that just say, "hi!" Anyway, here are the thoughts that are currently in my head: enjoy!

  • I found an old video of Elissa eating pasta the other day, and she had one foot hooked in the edge of her tray that was attached to her highchair. I had forgotten she used to do that, but she would do it every mealtime. Her legs are so long now I don't think she'd be able to do that even if she tried. I always want to remember those little things.
  • The past few weeks have been so exciting for the future. The spring is fully sprung and so the sun is finally starting to come back, and days in the garden are becoming more frequent. Lockdown restrictions are slowwwwly lifting so shops are open again and you can meet up with people in the park and back gardens and I saw my mum and stepdad after so long.
  • Baby girl is finallyyyyyy starting to put herself to sleep after me cuddling her to sleep for basically the whole of her life. One day, about 2 months ago, it just clicked and I put her in her cot and she just got herself to sleep. Before that, she would just cry until I cuddled her. I never minded cuddling her, because I would rather her feel loved and protected and safe than her cry but man, oh man, I have SO much more time in the day. 
  • She also now sleeps for a good chunk in the day. At least an hour and a half and sometimes for so long I actually have to go and wake her up. I can do so much in the time when she's asleep it's great!
  • We now have a really unusual living situation, where we were living with Jon's parents, and then his brother, wife, 2 kids, and dog moved in. So essentially there are 3 families living under one roof. It's actual chaos but in the best way. And it's been so so so lovely to see Elissa play with her two big cousins. They make her laugh all the time and she actually loves it. I was never really close to my cousins so I'm so so happy that she's going to grow up being close to hers. 
  • The college course I'm doing to train to be a counsellor is going really well. A lot of the time I feel out of my depth, but I'm also loving every second of it, and I'm finding it so interesting. 
  • I'm driving a little more. I even drove with Elissa in the car. Don't get me wrong, it still terrifies me and I would absolutely love to never drive again but the fact that I'm pushing myself to do it is amazing. 

Ok, I think that's it. 

See you soon, or maybe not. 

Ok, bye.

(soz for being awks there)

Friday, 1 January 2021


⬆️ Didn't take any pictures of last night so this one of Elissa eating her breakfast this morning will have to do 😂

This year ended with a game of cluedo, cheese and wine, and lots of laughter. Perfect if you ask me.

Then, shortly after midnight, Elissa woke from the fireworks outside and she proceeded to cry for the next two hours from being overtired. She's got a cold and cough at the moment as well so she was really feeling it. I feel like it can only go up from there!

This year I'm focussing on routines. I'm so so thankful that I'm not returning to my job in a bank and focussing on my course and being a mumma and supporting my husband in his new business venture. 

There's a few things I want to get better at though, including getting stronger, picking up playing piano again, starting to get more confident driving and starting to learn BSL. I know with a babe and a busy course to do though I'm going to have to learn to stick to routines to be able to fit it all in because I know I can only get better at things I do every day.

So that's my new years resolution. Stick to a routine. 

Things I'm looking forward to as well include:
- being able to hug my mumma. Honestly as soon as they declare this pandemic over, I'm going to my mum's and I'm going to stay there for a week. I've missed her so so much and it's been so heartbreaking to see Elissa not know who she is. This year I'm going to spend more time with her and my brothers!
- being confident to drive somewhere with Liss in the car. Once I'm confident we can go on all these fun adventures!
- being able to do 10 pushups. I started not even being able to do a half push up, and I can now do one full one, but if I continue working out 6 days a week I can do it I know itttttt!
- Elissa being able to talk. She's started being able to tell me yes and know and for the most past she can understand what I'm saying but I'm excited for her to be able to start talking this year! 

That's it! Happy new year, and let's hope it's better to us than 2020 was!! 

Monday, 7 December 2020



My baby girl is 1 and I can't quite believe it. I honestly don't know where the year has gone, but I also can't imagine my life without her in it. 

She's such a joker, always laughing and trying to make us laugh. She loves a cuddle. The gal is a massive foodie - even things like olives, salmon and asparagus she'll eat. She's repeating words that we say, loves to roar like a lion, and moo like a cow. 

She's been walking since 9 months, loves to climb and now I'm forevaaaa running after her. 

I feel like I can't get anything done unless she's asleep, and I'm really trying to make sure I'm really present with her when she's around at the moment. 

Elissa Ana, I'm so so thankful it's me God's entrusted you with. You're the best. ♥

Thursday, 3 September 2020

Current Morning Routine


I miss the days when I would have the time to write anything that came into my head. Nowadays I have to make notes of things I know I want to document - like our current morning routine. I love it at the moment and I know it's a temporary thing of how our life is at the moment. I'm also super lucky as I'm still on maternity leave, and Jon's working from home (he works so so hard trying to get the family business launched earlier this year to take off!), and so we can shape the mornings how we want. 

So this is how it's been for the past month-or-so, and I really love it! 

So Elissa usually wakes around 6:30 (but can wake from any time between 5:30-7am), and that's where my morning begins! 

She usually will wake me up by climbing on me. She still feeds around 2x in the night and so I've gotten into the habit of lying down feeding her just so I can go back to sleep again. This works great but also means that I'm asleep when she's finished feeding so I don't put her back in her own cot and she just stays in our bed. 

SO I get straight out of bed, grab an outfit for her and we go downstairs.

We first go into the lounge and I take any cups that have been left there the night before straight to the kitchen because if they're left there, they're like a magnet and Elissa will go straaaaight to them! 

We then go straight into the kitchen and I make a tea (of course!).

Then I change her nappy and then she has a little play on the floor while I read my bible for around half an hour. I say "read my bible" but there's lots of disruptions and distractions. That's one of the things I love about God though - he meets you where you're at in whatever season you're in. 

Then at around 7:15, we'll go back into the kitchen and I'll make her breakfast which is usually one of three things: 1, peanut butter on toast 2, porridge or 3, weetabix. I'll also get some fruit and a cup of water to go alongside it. 

After she's eaten I'll wipe her down (which she literally haaates), and then get her dressed. 

Jon then comes down for around 8 and we swap over. I then go upstairs, workout for half hour, have a shower and get dressed and then I'm back down by 9 so he can start work! 

I love this routine because I always feel so accomplished and ready to have a good day by 9am!

Monday, 24 August 2020

Hopes for the 26th year..

Year 25 was the such a year of growth, physically and emotionally. I grew and pushed out a human AND fed her with milk made by my own body. I moved closer to family. Our baby girl almost died, but made the most incredible full recovery. It's defo been a year I'll never forget.

So naturally I've got high expectations for year 26. 

Firstly, the start of a career I'm super proud of! I've always been one of those people who just doesn't know what I want to do with my life, and so I've always been scared of jumping head first into something in-case of regret. But after having a baby, I've realised just how much I can't just have crappy jobs that I hate anymore. I want to do something with my life, and on top of that I want to do something that helps to make the world a better place in some way. That's what's important to me more than ever.

SO this year I'm jumping head first into a four year course to hopefully kick-start a career I love and that I'm proud of.

Secondly, while I'm studying I'm still going to have to work so I'm just praying and praying for a job that isn't horrendous. One that I can work round being a Mumma. 

And thirdly, I'm hoping that soon coronavirus can get out of the way and I can hug my Mumma again. Missing her like crazy!

Saturday, 22 August 2020

She's almost 9 months!

I wanted to do this every month, but whoopsie she's 9 months old in 2 weeks and the last time I posted was when she was 6 months! 

So since then, she's crawling everywhereeee! She loves to leave the lounge and make her way either into the kitchen or her fav is towards the stairs. She also knows that it's not something I want her to do and so when I call her she'll get all excited and try to crawl faster and it's honestly the cutest! She also has been pulling to stand  

Sleepwise - I think I've cracked the self-soothe malarkey, and with minimal tears. I so so wasn't ok with letting her cry it out and I'm so glad I've managed to get her to go down in her cot with minimal upset. To be honest I would have rather kept rocking her to sleep for ages every night than letting her cry though - just my opinion though. 

She's still loving any food I put in front of her. Especially fruit. She shovels raspberries in so fast though and it's my fav - she literally swallows them down in one gulp! 

She's also now climbing the stairs which is terrifying and amazing all in one. 

And just recently she'll throw her head forward and whisper "yeah", when we do it and it's honestly the cutest.

All-in-all, she's just the happiest little little and I'm loving watching her personality get more and more jokesy (she defo gets it from her Dada!

Friday, 21 August 2020

I'm 26!!

This is like 2 weeks too late but motherhood, amirite?! 

Just kidding, I was this bad at timings before I became a Mumma, just now I can blame it on something, so I'm gunna do just that haha! 

Anywayyyyy, I'm fricking 26!! Officially closer to 30 than 20! So weird!! This birthday has crept upon me so quickly, I think because of being in lockdown as well as having a tiny human to look after. I was talking to my sister in law on my birthday and we were talking about how much your birthdays change when you become a mum because although it's your day to celebrate you, there are still bums to clean and meals to make and you can't take a day off your responsibilities to that lil human. Would I change it though? Heck nah. 

The day before my birthday, Jon had said that we were going to go on a little family picnic and just spend time together, and so I was looking forward to that. But as we approached the park, I saw someone in the distance and thought, "that lady looks just like my mum. Wait, that's my sister in law and brother. Wait that IS my mum!" 

Yup. He'd arranged a little socially distanced family picnic with my mum, stepdad, brother, sis-in-law and niece and I was so so happy! I was totally not expecting it! Then we came home and our niece and nephew were staying for the night, which was lovely too. 

Then the next day was my birthday and was very chilled and then Jon and I ordered takeaway for the night and ate it while watching When Harry Met Sally. Defo one of my fav films (but Jon said I say that about so many films, which I do, but also, I have lots of faves. Whatcha gonna do?!)

 So that's it. Year 26 is gunna be the best. I can just feel it!!